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Missing Types: An invitation to give blood 

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Fewer and fewer people are donating blood in the United States each year.  Only 3 out of 100 people in the United States donate blood, yet every two seconds someone needs it. Summertime is tough as donations drop off. This is why – for the second consecutive year – IBM is joining the American Red Cross in its “Missing Types” campaign to address critical blood shortages in the United States.

Missing Types runs from June 11 through June 30, but the need continues throughout the summer.  Join other IBMers in helping fill the shortages by making an appointment to donate blood. Last year 5,400 appointments were made by IBMers to donate blood through this campaign.

I am grateful to my colleagues for their participation. For the past decade, I’ve served at IBM’s Disaster Preparedness & Response Program Leader and have collaborated regularly with the Red Cross on enabling IBM volunteers and technology to provide disaster relief.  And, for the last seven years, I have volunteered for the American Red Cross on the board of directors of the Massachusetts Region. Even though the Red Cross is a household name, many people may not realize that volunteers are at the heart of it – they carry out 90% of the humanitarian work. I chair the board’s Mission Committee focusing on how volunteers deliver the Red Cross mission.

That’s my story, but I am just one of more than 500,000 American Red Cross volunteers in the United States.  Many other IBMers volunteer, give blood, have been trained in lifesaving skills through the Red Cross, and donate generously to its mission. In fact, since 2003, IBMers in the United States have pledged more than $18M to the American Red Cross through our annual Employee Charitable Contributions Campaign. IBMers around the globe help their country Red Cross or Red Crescent societies.

My employer IBM has a long-standing partnership with the American Red Cross, with its first recorded contribution to the organization in 1918.  In fact we were awarded the American Red Cross’ Centennial Partnership award last year. IBM’s first employee blood donation campaign started in 1948, and our organizations have grown together to serve our communities over the years.

I am proud to be an IBMer, and I am proud to volunteer for the American Red Cross. I will also be proud to donate blood again this year so there is enough blood to meet the needs.  I hope you will join me!

Donating blood is an easy way to serve your community, so schedule your appointment today! https://www.redcrossblood.org/share-missing-types



Global Humanitarian Response Manager and Senior Program Manager, IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs

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