IBM Partner Ecosystem Net Promoter Score provides input that drives results

By | 2 minute read | September 15, 2020

Everything that you tell us makes a difference because we care about what you, our Business Partners, have to say. Feedback is essential to the IBM Partner Ecosystem—we strive to improve your journey with us and the “score” that you give us helps us make necessary improvements.

The program that gives you a voice
We instituted our IBM Compass Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey program to make sure that you have a platform in order to share your experience. Your participation and responses in these surveys helps us enhance our Partner Ecosystem and focus on the issues that matter to you.

We continue to add more touch points to hear additional and varied new voices from key segments of the Business Partner Ecosystem. This year, we launched the Skills Gateway Moment of Truth survey to capture your feedback on the courses, content, process and learning journey.

We read your feedback, every time
We value every piece of feedback and insight that you provide in these NPS surveys. And those survey results fuel our transformation initiatives in the Ecosystem, both at a global level and a local level. We identify, analyze and prioritize your concerns—mapping them to common themes and action items, which helps focus on what you need. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience—ultimately, an exceptional client experience—to you.

Blue Light is an IBM i2 Business Partner. They do much more than just resell specific IBM software. Blue Light brings experience in configuring, setting up and supporting i2 environments. They have built a training program designed to help clients maximize the value of the IBM i2 solution and they also put a high focus on exceptional client experience and advocacy. Each customer is provided with a dedicated team to help ensure that every aspect of their experience will be timely addressed.

Blue Light also hosts an annual i2 Summit, which allows clients, IBM executives and other Business Partners to come together to collaborate and learn more about the i2 market and portfolio.

This interaction between IBM and Blue Light has been mutually rewarding and has evolved into a highly successful Business Partner relationship. This relationship has been nurtured by the IBM partner channel account managers on a near daily basis in order for IBM to keep the high level of satisfaction needed for a positive Business Partner experience. Our IBM Net Promoter Score program has been facilitating that by providing Blue Light and all Business Partners the opportunity to regularly give IBM a report of how we are performing in the different aspects and touch points.

Example of a Business Partner survey closed-loop feedback experience
Blue Light participated in one of the NPS Moment of Truth surveys about the Lead passing process. By providing their experience and their feedback, the IBM team was able to engage with them quickly to get more details. Thanks to the valuable NPS feedback, IBM has been able to enhance existing process, helping make the lead passing process it quicker and easier—not just to Blue Light, but to all Business Partners.

You can check out more on our The Voice of the Business Partner PartnerWorld Success stories page, and be on the lookout for our monthly “You spoke, We listened and Acted” articles in the PartnerWorld weekly in PartnerWorld news.

Your feedback is our fuel for change. Let us know how we are doing in the next survey that you receive. And stay tuned for more real-life stories of our interactions!