Storage made simple for hybrid multicloud

By | 3 minute read | February 12, 2020

The world is fascinated by Sudoku. Those number puzzles based on a 9×9 grid that took the world by storm 15 years ago. There are even “hyper,” “twin,” “alphabetical” and “killer” variants to tease your brain.

What makes the Suduko challenge so appealing? It’s the clean design. It’s the simple yet challenging gameplay. And it’s the feeling of accomplishment that we get when we complete the puzzle with each number in its place.

Of course, having everything where it belongs isn’t just satisfying in puzzle games, it’s satisfying (and critical) in the business world as well. Over the past few years, the global market has been quickly transitioning to hybrid multicloud computing to facilitate flexibility and portability, empowering companies to deploy every application and service where it makes the most sense. But these new cloud environments are also introducing a new set of storage complexities.

Now, customers need to be concerned with how their storage connects and where data is located in order to optimize security, performance and availability. Luckily, strategic storage choices can simplify hybrid multicloud operations while still delivering on these expectations.

Keeping it simple

IBM Storage is committed to providing clients with the same elegant simplicity they might find in a Sudoku game. While many of our major competitors market storage with up to five product families to cover entry through high-end systems, today IBM is radically simplifying our portfolio with our announcement of the new IBM FlashSystem family.

The family offers a single block storage platform, ranging from entry-level enterprise storage systems solutions to high-end enterprise platforms and seamlessly extending to hybrid multicloud deployments. With this single platform, clients will not only enjoy reduced cost and complexity, but also see the continuing innovation of IBM Storage.

“Innovation is how technology solution providers separate themselves from the competition,” explains Christian Wibeck, Chief Operating Officer at IBM Business Partner Shibuya Crossing AB. “And it’s why our collaboration with IBM is so important to us. IBM FlashSystem family provides an excellent example — IBM has continued to innovate and simplify around the basic platform. The commitment to outstanding engineering is clear to see in the new IBM FlashSystem models.”

IBM Spectrum Virtualize dashboard

The IBM FlashSystem family is built on award-winning IBM Spectrum Virtualize software and supports deployments that span bare metal, virtualized, containerized and hybrid cloud applications and workloads. By leveraging the same software, same APIs, and same management, this single, comprehensive family can drive down storage capital and operating expenditures.

In addition, IBM FlashSystem family provides extraordinary Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and latency, as well as features such as:

  • Comprehensive cyber resiliency
  • AI-driven management and data placement
  • Transparent migration and virtualization of over 500 multivendor, heterogenous external storage systems
  • Enterprise-class functionality, availability and reliability
  • Three-site replication

All this translates into price and density efficiency.

Partner impact

As with our previous strategy the announcement of the new FlashSystem does not affect our go-to-market strategy. The new FlashSystem models 5000, 5100 and 7200 will remain channel-only solutions marketed by you, our IBM Business Partners.

IBM FlashSystem 7200

And these offerings will give you more options to provide your customers with the storage infrastructure they need to support hybrid multicloud environments.

Or as Oscar Reyes, Chief Executive Officer at IBM Business Partner SinergiaSys would explain it: “The current challenges to meet the exponential data growth demanded by hybrid multicloud workloads require an infrastructure capable of storing and retrieving petabytes of data reliably and at fastest speed than ever before, with a small footprint in the data centers, longer life-cycles while reducing the total cost of ownership. All these characteristics are featured by the new IBM FlashSystem family. Our customers in Mexico can obtain these benefits from our FlashSystem offerings, providing their businesses the simplicity and flexibility to compete and grow their market share.”

At IBM Storage, simplification isn’t a tagline, it’s a pledge. Tell me what you think of the new IBM FlashSystem portfolio and how we can promote it together in the marketplace. Reach out to me, I am just a click away. Get all the details about IBM FlashSystem on PartnerWorld. I also invite you to watch the replays of the announcement livestream and the seller education to learn more.