For healthcare organizations, investing in AI is no longer a matter of if—it’s how

By | 2 minute read | July 28, 2020

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AI capabilities are essential for healthcare organizations. In a recent study by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), sponsored by IBM, researchers examined the importance of AI in healthcare and identified how hospitals and health systems are approaching AI. More than 200 C-suite executives, senior managers and managers, employed in hospitals and health systems with 100 or more beds were surveyed.

The results show that investing in AI is no longer a question of whether or not to invest, rather how to invest. Two of every three respondents (64%) said their organization places a critical (27%) or high (36%) strategic priority on computing intensive data analytics and AI. Healthcare organizations are exploring how to initiate meaningful AI projects with the potential to scale.

A critical component of scalable AI is the establishment of an effective information architecture. I believe that organizations can’t have AI without information architecture – it provides the backbone for AI solutions. The right information architecture enables organizations to quickly and easily set up small AI projects that can be scaled for bigger wins as the organization gains more experience.

Today’s AI solutions include intuitive tools that make it easier for data scientists, medical practitioners and subject matter experts to design and deploy AI models. These tools enable hospitals and health systems to implement relevant AI initiatives despite the fact that they may not have a team with deep technical expertise in-house.

AI capabilities become increasingly more important as healthcare organizations position themselves to thrive in a competitive environment. The good news is that AI technology has evolved to the point at which AI functionality is now within reach of all healthcare organizations—regardless of an organization’s size or the depth of its talent.

With the right information architecture, intuitive AI solutions and an experienced AI partner, any healthcare organization can realize the benefits of AI. You can learn more about how hospitals and health systems can overcome AI barriers and lay a foundation for successful AI initiatives.

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