Ecosystem Transformation Series Part V: A Faster, Better Way to Compete and Win

By | 2 minute read | July 31, 2019

I’m skeptical when a restaurant has too many choices on the menu. How can any one restaurant be good, really good, at making pizza, subs, steaks, Chinese food, Mexican food  and more? Most of the time they aren’t very good, just okay at best. But, I understand the logic behind the eight-page menu; they need to attract a customer base that increasingly wants more options and unique experiences.   

It reminds me of the situation many of our Business Partners find themselves in today. Digital transformation has created a huge shift in customer requirements and how our partners need to compete. Customers want and need more complex solutions that require a variety of technologies, services and expertise. The vendor that can deliver the most complete solution within the quickest timeframe will have a major competitive advantage.

But no one IBM Business Partner can specialize in all of the hardware, software, services, industry and market expertise customers need to digitally transform their business. And why should they when IBM has one of the largest collections of experts in the technology industry?

IBM is working to transform the Business Partner experience. That’s why we created Business Partner Connect, an innovative approach to partnering. Business Partner Connect gives partners the ability to easily identify complimentary partners that can help them accelerate the delivery of complex, modern solutions. Using the power of Watson, partners can quickly find the best IBM Business Partners to join forces with on short-term opportunities or for long-term strategic partnerships.

Eight-hundred and twenty IBM Business Partners from around the world have joined Business Partner Connect and are making successful matches. They are reaching across geographies, industries and markets to instantly find and connect with the right IBM Business Partners for the right projects. We are actively using feedback to drive changes and improvements to make Business Partner Connect even better.

My perfect restaurant would work like Business Partner Connect. It would still have a ton of options, but it would also have multiple chefs in the kitchen, with individual expertise, all working together to deliver delicious food and a great overall dining experience.

While not realistic for most restaurants, that’s exactly what Business Partner Connect enables our partners to do. By teaming together and combining their individual skills and expertise, IBM Business Partners can accelerate time to market with the complex, innovative and competitive offerings today’s customers want.

Business Partner Connect At a Glance
How to participate  
  • Instant Matching: Submit a request for assistance or offer expertise in the platform. It takes just five minutes and there is no limit on the number of submissions.
  • Business Partner Connect Slack community: Discuss topics, get advice, share best practices, and find new partnership opportunities with other IBM Business Partners in real time. 
Opportunities and advantages
  • Real-time access to the PartnerWorld community and access to exclusive partner events  
  • No-charge consult with IBM technical experts  
  • Direct access to the Business Partner Connect team

 Sign up for Business Partner Connect today or watch this video to learn more about the initiative.

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