3 Major Trends to Watch in Threat Intelligence

By cross-referencing key findings from the global 2016 IBM® X-Force® Cyber Security Intelligence Index with results from the Australia Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) survey of major Australian businesses, we have identified three major trends to watch in the cyber crime and threat landscape.

Webinar: Manage Mobile Threats with Security Intelligence and Event Management 18 Aug

Recent research shows that mobile has become the hackers’ new playground. In this session learn how to identify mobile threats and protect against malicious activity with a comprehensive approach that combines enterprise mobility management (EMM) and SIEM.

Fast Track Cyber Security: Network and Endpoint Protection

You can now fast track cyber security with an IBM Security solution package designed for mid-size, growing organisations needing a cost-effective yet robust approach. The QRadar security intelligence platform and MaaS360 unified mobility management provide multi-layered protection for your network, mobile and endpoints.

St Virgil’s College Tasmania Nurtures Students with a Rich, Secure Online Experience

With an increased focus on ‘bring your own device’ programs, schools are now looking for better ways to protect students against security threats, including cyberbullying and inappropriate content. St Virgil’s College has set up a secure education experience that prepares students to work, interact and live in the digital age.

Video: SIHO Insurance Services Protects Sensitive Data

SIHO Insurance Services provides businesses of all sizes with health benefit solutions, including third-party administration, fully insured plans and wellness programs. With approximately 200 employees and over 80,000 members, the company was concerned about the security of medical information traveling between corporate servers and employees’ unregulated personal devices.

Video: Local Government Protects Data with Security Intelligence Platform

Securing people and funds is a challenge for the public sector. With limited resources, IT departments must choose a security tool set that will be easy to implement and manage. In this video, a US local government agency explains why they chose IBM QRadar and how it enables a proactive approach with security.

Boost Your Network with EOFY Promotion

Is your network secure and ready to deliver new business applications? Do you want to upgrade your network to deliver new cloud applications? Are there areas in your network or data centre systems where you need to optimise performance or improve security? Do you need to spend your remaining budget or do you need help […]

Why should organisations embrace B2B e-Commerce?

The B2B e-Commerce market will reach $1 Trillion by 2020. By then it will be twice the size of B2C e-Commerce. Yes, twice the size of Amazon, Apple, Wal-Mart, Ali Baba and all other B2C e-Commerce players combined. It is also predicted that this transformation will see B2B e-Commerce laggards see revenue decline as sales […]

Future of retail? Physical and digital convergence!

Online shopping has become an integral part of modern day consumption. While consumers enjoy convenience and abundant choices, retailers are continually challenged to find the right balance between the physical store and online experience. It almost seems like online channels are driving business away from bricks-and-mortar stores – but this doesn’t have to be the […]