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Watson Analytics Professional: 3 reasons to go pro

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Watson Analytics Professional: 3 reasons to go pro

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Watson Analytics Professional InfographWatson Analytics Professional Edition was just the right solution for Mears Group, LLC. With the heavy responsibility of servicing and maintaining 1 million homes in the UK, they needed help. They analyzed data with Watson Analytics and found new insights on targeting services. Now they respond more rapidly to emergencies. And, they can better plan maintenance. Watson Analytics Professional was just right for their big job.

Of course, all Watson Analytics editions make it easy for you to find insights on your own. You ask, discover, predict and visualize your way. The result? Better business understanding and smarter decisions. But, Watson Analytics Professional gives you the power of supersized easy analytics.

You can’t help but love Watson Analytics Professional

What’s not to love? Watson Analytics Professional lets you:

  • Forget the formulas and query languages. You use your words. Ask questions and get answers that make sense to you—fast.
  • Stop stressing out over complex data. Seize the power of automatic visualizations. See patterns and relationships in data almost immediately.
  • Find what you need. Discover new things in your data. Then, use predictive capabilities to learn even more.
  • Tell a story that makes an impact. Take your findings and create compelling dashboards. Or, use templates that interpret analysis so others don’t have to..

Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons to go pro.

Reason 1. Gain nearly limitless ways to break down and use your data

Being able to upload data from your desktop is sweet. But, sometimes you want to look at data that’s publicly available. Or in the cloud. Or, you would like to try Watson Analytics before uploading or connecting to your private corporate data. Also, when you discover an amazing insight, it’s natural to want others to see it, all while keeping other work private. With Watson Analytics Pro, you can:

  • Connect to multiple cloud data sources, quickly and easily.
  • Join, group and share your data—after you’ve connected to it or uploaded it.
  • Maintain your own discoveries and data in your own personal space.
  • Collaborate! Share visualizations and dashboards—easily and securely.

Reason 2. Get enterprise-level capacity

Go big or go home applies to business as well as sports. When you have big questions to answer, you have to access big files. Also, rarely do you make decisions in a vacuum. So, it’s great when you can work with others in the same application. With Watson Analytics Professional, you get:

  • 500 columns, 10 million rows, 100 GB of storage with the option to add storage in 50 GB increments for a minimal fee
  • Twice as as much Twitter data
  • Multi-user support

Reason 3. Access great add-on solutions

Thanks to some great initiatives with our partners, we’ve created two solutions that require Watson Analytics Professional for you to get the full benefits:

  • Watson Analytics Expert Storybooks: You can access Expert Storybooks with all of the editions. But, you have fewer data limits with Watson Analytics Professional. The real perk, though, is that you can build your own Expert Storybooks. This means you give colleagues and customers with guided analytics templates you build yourself. These templates include smart explanations or annotations, and the ability to add structure to analysis.
  • Datawatch Monarch and Datawatch for IBM Analytics: Preparing a large, complicated data set or enterprise database before you analyze it can make your life easier. These solutions automatically prepare data from virtually any information source. And, it’s done in less time than if you use spreadsheets or manual methods.

Try Watson Analytics Professional first-hand to see how it can work for you!

Not sure Watson Analytics Professional is supersized easy analytics? Why not put it to the test? When you register for the Watson Analytics Free edition, you get access to Watson Analytics Pro for 30 days.

Visit to learn more. If you’re pressed for time, click the image to get a bigger picture of why to go pro. Or download it from here.


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