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Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

Want to better align finance and ops using EPM? Start with better data access.

Proper alignment is critical to success in business. A new knowledge brief from the Aberdeen Group outlines key EPM capabilities for better alignment.

Planning Analytics

Guy Jones

Your planning app should go beyond just automating spreadsheets

Your new planning app is not just a spreadsheet automation tool, but an enabler to unlock capabilities that were unthinkable in the spreadsheet world.

Planning Analytics

Guy Jones

Is your planning application promoting bad behavior by your finance team?

Lack of reporting flexibility can foster error-prone manual finance processes. You can prevent that with browser-based planning application capabilities.

Planning Analytics

Guy Jones

Looking for a new planning application? Are you really getting a “single version of the truth”?

Have you sat through any planning application demos recently? Well, you will probably find that most vendors are spinning a "single version of the tru...

Planning Analytics

Marcus Dietrich

Want to use Microsoft Excel with IBM Planning Analytics? Here’s how it’s done.

You’ve heard us talk a lot about why spreadsheets aren’t suited to planning for large organizations. But Microsoft Excel is still the preferred to...

Analytics for all

Swathy Rengarajan

Five reasons why Watson Analytics is a great alternative to pivot tables

With just a few clicks, you can use Watson Analytics to explore, dig deep, and create striking data visualizations that tell the same story as pivot tables. But, it does it much more engagingly.