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Tim Walker

IBM Analytics University 2018: Take yourself back to school!

Attend the leading event for learning how IBM Analytics can make your organization more successful, in Stockholm September 17–20 and in Miami October 2–5.


Phylicia Teymer

Dashboards, blind spots and storytelling: Three Analytics University themes resonate

At Analytics University, business people and technical experts alike eagerly came to together from around the globe. Their goal? To learn how to successfully modernize, implement, and grow their analytics platforms and shape the future of their organizations. To gauge their immediate reactions, we used Watson Analytics for Social Media to guide us through the social networks and we quickly saw three themes emerge.


Forsyth Alexander

4 secrets to success for transforming into an analytics-driven organization

The new analytics world order has turned business analytics and data science disciplines on their heads. The days of analytics being the purview of a select group o analysts is gone. And, being "intuition-driven" is out, and being "analytics-driven" is in. So, what can you do to lead the transformation of your organization? Here are four secrets to success.


Ronnie Rich

Frantic but fun: Preparing to present at Analytics University 2017

I've been lucky enough to have been a presenter at many past IBM conferences, and I’m fortunate to be participating in Analytics University 2017 as well. So, what's it like to prepare a session for an outstanding event like Analytics University? I can shed some light on that.


Forsyth Alexander

The top 10 IBM Analytics University sessions you won't want to miss

With more than 75 sessions, hands-on labs and demos, Analytics University offers you an up close and personal experience with IBM Analytics solutions. And, even though there are four tracks to help narrow down your options, you still might not be sure what to choose. I've taken a look at all the Analytics University sessions and found 10 that I think you should check out.


Caroline Seymour

A is for analytics... and Analytics University

From the time we start practicing alphabet letters in workbooks, we never stop learning. This is why we’re giving you the chance to learn more about everything that’s happening in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of analytics. Yes, A is for (IBM) Analytics University.