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The IBM Planning Analytics roadmap: full speed ahead!

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This guest post is written by Ronnie Rich, Senior Offering Manager for IBM Planning Analytics.

IBM Planning Analytics has a diverse, worldwide community of customers, and more are joining every day. Today, we are sharing a quick introduction for those new customers as well as a reminder for those who have been with us a long time about where to find answers to questions and resources to stay current on the latest news.

Roadmaps and more from Think 2019


Let’s start with the product roadmap. Roadmaps provide valuable guidance for any journey, especially when you’re planning the future of your software deployment. A few weeks ago we presented our latest product roadmap at the Think 2019 conference in San Francisco.

In a session titled What’s New with IBM Planning Analytics Workspace, we highlighted the latest innovations and functionality in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace as well as upcoming innovations for IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel, IBM Planning Analytics Modeling, and IBM Planning Analytics Administration.

Here’s a small sample of the new capabilities and functionality we covered:

  • Action buttons: You can now configure IBM Planning Analytics Workspace to run a TurboIntegrator process with the click of a button. You can create prompts to ask for parameter values when the process is executed or configure default parameter values to run the process without prompting.
  • Administration enhancements: Monitor and administer your TM1® databases in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Local using the IBM Planning Analytics Administration agent.
  • More efficient modeling: We’ve made it easier to get data into your models with drag-and-drop import of Dimensions and Attributes, as well as data from file. We also added efficiency tools like Rules Tracing, Autocompletion in Editors, and a Time Dimension Wizard.

To stay abreast of the latest capabilities and releases, please click here. You can find the roadmap for IBM Planning Analytics and other solutions in the IBM Analytics Roadmaps web page. And you can find materials from many other Think sessions on the Think 2019 Sessions page.

One solution for many planning needs

IBM Planning Analytics and its predecessor, IBM TM1, are long-time favorites of the finance crowd, who use it for essential budgeting and forecasting as well as sophisticated financial planning and analysis. It can meet the challenges of enormous data volumes, like’s “super-cube” of 51 quintillion cells and large numbers of users, like the 6,000 at Germany’s national railroad, Deutsche Bahn.


But for years innovative organizations have been using the solution in a variety of non-finance use cases, such as supply chain planning, sales planning, and workforce planning. And people are finding more ways to use it every day. Along with different use cases, IBM Planning Analytics offers deployment on cloud or on-premises. We’re proud of the fact that, with IBM, customers get to choose the deployment method that fits their needs.

IBM Planning Analytics Community is here to help

As we mentioned above, we like to think of our customers as a community, so please visit the IBM Planning Analytics Group in the IBM Business Analytics customer community. There, you’ll find blog articles, discussion threads, videos, notices of events, and a library of materials from the IBM Knowledge Center.

Customer feedback drives constant innovation, and IBM continues to make substantial investments in IBM Planning Analytics, so the solution is always evolving. The Community is a great place to keep up to date.

“Ask me Anything” Q&A sessions

With all these resources, if you still have questions you can’t find answers to, be sure to attend our monthly Ask me Anything sessions. This is the perfect forum to find answers to your trickiest questions. Each month we’ll feature a different member of the IBM Planning Analytics team — Development, Quality Assurance, Lab Services, Offering Management, and more.  You can also view any of our previous webinars by checking out our webinar hub.

The best is yet to come

IBM Planning Analytics is constantly being improved, which accounts for the accolades we’ve received from prestigious analysts like Gartner and BARC, showcasing why our solution is one of the best on the market. We are committed to making sure that you get the maximum value from it every day. So if you have questions, please remember that we’re here to help. And most important, thank you for being a customer!


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