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Got data exhaustion? Get fired up again in 1 minute and 23 seconds

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Got data exhaustion? Get fired up again in 1 minute and 23 seconds

data exhaustionData exhaustion: are you suffering from it? If you’re not a data scientist, you might just be. Businesses have been collecting and analyzing data since the 1950s–or even before. In fact people have been laboriously studying a collection of ledgers, manually going through row after row to identify trends and gain insights for centuries. Fast-forward to just a decade or so ago, and that person would be poring over spreadsheets, but the work would be the same.

Data has always had value to businesses because they can use the information and associated analysis to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and serve their customers. These days, however, data has ballooned almost out of control and there’s an increasing emphasis on data-driven everything. So, most people are bogged down by the influx of data and all the work it takes to apply it to their jobs. Combine that with a picture of a modern-day Bob Cratchit sweating over tables and tables of queries. And suddenly, it’s easy to see why data exhaustion is sweeping the business professional nation. (OK, maybe not “sweeping,” but people are losing enthusiasm about its potential as mandates that it drive all business decisions grow. )

Get fired up again

You can get fired up again, though. There’s a great online paper called “23 Reasons to Get Excited About Data” that can help.

If you’re truly exhausted, you might be thinking “The last thing I want to do is read through a long list of reasons why data is exciting.” So, just for you, we’ve put together this video, which lasts just 1 minute and 23 seconds. Check it out and then look at our brief set of ways to overcome data exhaustion here. You’ll be good to go:

Combating data exhaustion

If manually processing or analyzing data is what’s causing your exhaustion, there’s help. Data analysis technology can remove the exhausting, figuratively back-breaking tasks from your plate so you focus on new insights. These self-serve data analysis and easy analytics tools can help you:

  • Give context to decision-making. Analytics tools can now help you extract value from everything data-ish, and they now can go beyond your computer, smartphone and tablet. They can process and visualize data from your watch, fitness tracker and other wearables. Or they can help you make sense of data coming from that oil rig in the Gulf and satellite in space. As a result, you’ll be more informed with less effort.
  • Speed up your analysis. We’ve come to expect instant gratification, so we can make immediate decisions. With the power of dataviz and DIY dashboards, you don’t have to spend hours building graphs and charts by hand.
  • Get cloudier: A lot of data analytics technology is on the cloud.  So, all you have to do is subscribe and the hard provisioning work is done for you. And, on-demand, cloud-based warehousing makes it easier to access your information.

So, now that you’re feeling less exhausted

What can you do with your rekindled or newfound excitement about data?

Try a free data analysis tool on us, that’s what. Visit to learn more.

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