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The next wave of business intelligence for the data-driven enterprise

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The next wave of business intelligence for the data-driven enterprise

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What is the next wave of business intelligence for the data-driven enterprise?

Think of a science fiction computer. It’s probably not something you sit and type on. Instead, it’s a disembodied intelligence you can ask for advice. It understands your questions and gives you the answers you seek. And, it can process the necessary data to get those answers.

We’re not there yet, but for the first time in history you can see how this kind of system could be possible. User-friendly analytics can now be truly enterprise-level, combining natural language search, automated data preparation and self-service features. The idea is to put sophisticated analytics in the hands of business users throughout the organization. But how is this transformation occurring, and what can you do to take advantage of it?

data-driven enterprise forcesForces at work

Both management (a top-down “push” for capabilities) and users themselves (bottom-up “pull”) are driving analytics transformation. Everyone wants speed and to harness more data. However, in this new business environment, it’s not enough to make sound decisions based on the right data; the timing of the decision matters just as much, if not more. In other words, the right people need the right intelligence at the right time. Agility matters as much as ability. So virtually anyone needs to be able to use the system, and the system needs to be capable enough to understand virtually any data.

How can you satisfy these competing demands? With cognitive systems, which learn continuously and interact naturally with users. Cognitive systems understand structured and unstructured data, and can automatically prepare it for analysis. So cognitive is a key technology that’s driving the evolution toward science-fiction levels of analytics power.

data-driven enterprise cognitiveCognitive enablement

With cognitive smarts, user-friendly design and enterprise-grade data management, IBM Cognos Analytics represents the next phase of evolution in business intelligence. Cognos Analytics is designed for the simplicity and self-service that users demand alongside the data governance, scalability and automation that the organization expects. The research group BARC GmbH agrees—its recent BARC Score report credits IBM with one of the most capable analytics portfolios (ahead of Qlik, SAP, Tableau and Microsoft), and the best market execution in the industry.

Is your data-driven enterprise ready?

You don’t have to take BARC’s word for it. Instead, you can see for yourself how Cognos Analytics represents the next wave of business intelligence for the data-driven enterprise. Start a free trial of Cognos Analytics today and experience the capabilities firsthand.



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