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10 can’t-miss sessions at IBM Analytics University 2018

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10 can’t-miss sessions at IBM Analytics University 2018

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Recently we invited you to “take yourself back to school” at IBM Analytics University 2018 . . . and now it’s time to figure out your class schedule! Agendas have been posted for both the Stockholm (September 17–20) and Miami (October 2–5) meetings of Analytics University, so please take a look for yourself to find what’s most relevant to you.

Meanwhile, here’s a cross-section of some of the sessions that we’re most excited about.

1. Opening General Session: Climbing the Ladder to Success — Using AI to Unlock the Power of Your Data
Bonita Norris — Youngest British woman to climb Mount Everest

From Everest to K2, Bonita Norris has tackled the world’s toughest and most dangerous mountains. Bonita’s presentation charts her journey from novice mountaineer to standing on top of the world only two years later. With honesty and vulnerability, she describes the highs and lows and the lessons learnt along the millions of decisions and steps it took to reach the summit of Everest. Bonita draws parallels between these lessons and how they relate to business and life — lessons such as the importance of an open mind in the face of near-impossible challenges, the need for a toolbox full of skills to help us through our toughest moments, the fundamentals of team-ship, and how great technology gave her and her team the trust they needed to make decisions when their lives were in the balance. Similarly, organizations need to trust their business decisions, and are starting to discover just how critical a role AI plays in that journey. Yet over three-quarters of organizations do not yet understand the data required to ensure the effective use of AI. Join us to learn how to catapult your organization to the summit by transforming every part of your organization with AI, machine learning, and natural language processing. This combination gives you an objective view to uncover non-obvious insights so you can make decisions before your competition even knows what happened.

2. Stockholm Super Session: The World Is Not Like You Think — Your Brain Skews It! Re-train Your Analytics Skills to Improve Your Decision Making
Anna Rosling Rönnlund — Entrepreneur, Author, and Data Expert

Sometimes, it’s hard to accept what the data is telling you, especially if it goes against what you think you already know. Come hear from Anna Rosling Rönnlund why we’re wrong about the world, and why, based on the data, the world is a better place than you think.  Co-Founder of Gapminder and co-author of the book Factfulness, Anna shares how to simplify important data visualizations and trends so they are easy for anyone to grasp, without losing the complexity when it’s needed. With great passion and honesty, Anna illustrates how you too can re-train yourself not to bring preconceived notions to the decision-making table and help promote a fact-based world view everyone can understand — something that’s especially important in today’s world where making smarter business decisions is imperative to success.

3. Miami Super Session: The New Competitive Advantage: Moving From Data-Driven to Insight-Driven Decision-Making
Tricia Wang — Global Tech Ethnographer and Co-founder, Sudden Compass

It’s time to reimagine the boundaries of your businesses. Why? Because simply possessing buckets of big data is not enough to guarantee growth. Real growth lies outside the boundaries of the known. It lies within the human element, the thick data, that is invisible to quantitative data analysis alone. In a data-abundant world, being data-driven is no longer a competitive advantage. Come learn from Tricia Wang, co-founder of Sudden Compass, who will show you that companies that invest in a practice for technical and non-technical teams to generate insights based on data will be best positioned for discovering new growth areas. She’ll explain how you can achieve growth by scaling and extracting insights from data about your customers that you didn’t even know existed. Hear how you can build new and necessary practices into your firm to operationalize and scale big data practices to not only impact your customers, but also impact the customers you haven’t even engaged.

4. Analyst Session: A Playbook for Driving Business Transformation with Artificial Intelligence
Kjell Carlsson — Principal Analyst, Forrester

You have a mandate to transform the organization with AI — now what? Adopting AI point solutions, upscaling existing analytics use cases, and building foundational AI capabilities are an excellent starting point, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. This session will delve into process of systematically identifying, implementing, and extracting business value from an ongoing series of AI projects in order to comprehensively transform the business.

5. Track Keynote: Putting AI to Work for Business – It’s a Journey
Carlo Appugliese — Program Director, Machine Learning and AI, IBM

What was once science fiction has now become reality as multiple consumer-based artificial intelligence (AI) solutions have hit the market over last few years. In turn, consumers have become more comfortable interacting with AI. But has AI really lived up to the hype? For consumers, perhaps not yet. However, AI for business is a different (and more valuable) animal. Join us for this session to hear the detail of how businesses can put AI to work.

6. Data Science Technology Directions and What’s New
Shadi Copty & Vishnu Alavur Kannan — Program Directors, Data Science Engineering, IBM

IBM Data Science brings together the open source, visual framework and the ability to combine prediction with optimization in a single, hybrid cloud platform. Addressing the accelerated pace of innovation, IBM has been investing into the mission critical data science capabilities based on a market-driven approach. The IBM Data Science portfolio consists of Data Science Experience, SPSS Modeler, Decision Optimization, Watson Explorer, and SPSS Statistics. In this session, we will: discuss what’s new across the IBM Data Science Portfolio, share how IBM clients are driving value, and provide technology investment directions. Come and find out how you can bring forth the future — today!

7. Track Keynote: Enter the Age of Augmented Analytics with IBM Cognos Analytics
Mike Norris — Director of Offering Management, IBM Business Analytics

Reaching the summit of success is faster and easier when augmented intelligence (AI) is infused into everyday business processes. IBM Cognos Analytics is an essential step on this ladder to AI. Built upon a trusted analytics foundation, Cognos Analytics lets organizations scale insights on demand and sets the stage for Machine Learning everywhere. In the newest release, this all-in-one platform empowers users with an AI Assistant plus embedded smarts to help prepare data, surface hidden, unbiased insights, and enhance understanding of analytic results. As a key component of the Analytics Cycle, Cognos Analytics can measure progress versus plans, help you understand what happened and why, and easily identify what will drive future results. Attend this session to see how you can adopt AI for sharper, more precise insights using your existing data and Cognos Analytics investments. There is no better time than now to join the AI movement!

8. Track Keynote: Innovations in Financial and Operational Planning and Financial Consolidations to Drive Better Business Performance
David Corbett & Ronnie Rich — Senior Offering Managers, Planning Analytics, IBM

CFOs, controllers, and other finance and business professionals all agree that the pressure from disruptive competitors has never been greater. That’s why they rely on IBM’s Financial and Operational Performance Management solutions to keep their organizations functioning smoothly — and to deal with pressures from competitors old and new. Attend this session to see and hear about the latest capabilities in IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Controller and hear how clients are using the solutions every day to drive a competitive advantage.

9. Data Governance Is a Ladder for AI
Michele Goetz — Principal Analyst, Forrester
Julie Lockner — Director, IBM Analytics

The number one issue for AI initiatives is developing a cross-functional, collaborative team that can build, test, and implement insights based on trusted data. The only way to do this is to source, manage, and govern data as it grows — not as a one-time project. Firms that have made the leap to insight excellence and are moving toward artificial intelligence have found the magic to be insight-driven and create the intelligent business including a critical step, Data Governance. This session will demonstrate:

  • How to transition data governance from a tactical to strategic program
  • Best practices to address data in a highly federated and diverse ecosystem
  • How technology accelerates data, governance, and insight success and results

10. Client Panel Discussion: Be More Digitally Driven Through Analytics (Miami only)
Jim Collins — Business Analytics Strategy Executive, IBM

Machine learning and AI are all the buzz in the market today. But how to practically use advanced analytics in your organization to deliver real business value is still a mystery to many. Come to a panel session with industry leaders Jabil, Johnson and Johnson, and Vitas Hospice to hear how they started with business analytics and expanded through the enterprise. They will share best practices and lessons learned along the way in their analytics journey.

We also encourage you to check out the dozens of hands-on labs being offered at each event. These range from introductory sessions suitable for analytics novices on up to highly technical sessions tailored for data science and IT pros, so there’s sure to be something that suits you.

Take a look at the “Agenda” tabs under the Stockholm and Miami headings on the IBM Analytics University 2018 site, build your own agenda, and be sure to register for either Stockholm or Miami. We look forward to seeing you there!

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John Keegan Sep 06, 2018

I was hoping to see more IBM Cloud Private for Data information/events instead of just one late Wed. afternoon. To have a private cloud behind the datacenter firewall with capabilities for cloud elasticity and Kubernetes/Containers combined with Data/AI should stand out at this event.

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Tim Walker Sep 06, 2018

Thanks for your feedback, John. Besides the session you referenced, you might also be interested in attending any or all of the Design Jam sessions throughout the day on October 4th. That will give you a chance to interact with — and influence — designers for various products in our portfolio, including IBM Cloud Private for Data.

0 Replies

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