“Hallo Deutschland” – Getting Started with Bluemix in Germany

"Hallo Deutschland" or "Hello Germany" is an app I recently deployed. I didn't want to push a simple "hello world". The reason is that Bluemix Public is now available in Frankfurt, Germany!

Vault, Cold Vault and Flex: Bluemix Expands IBM Cloud Object Storage Availability

Starting today in Bluemix you can now choose IBM Cloud Object Storage classes based on the degree of your data access requirements – either for frequently accessed data (Standard), occasionally accessed data (Vault), or long-term data retention (Cold Vault).

More options and enhancements for Block and File Storage customers

The Bluemix Cloud Storage team is pleased to announce more options and enhancements for Block & File Storage customers, like doubling your storage without doubling your costs thanks to more size options at the TB level.

Free Quota Increase in Watson Internet of Things Platform Lite Plan

The Watson Internet of Things Platform Lite Plan new quota is now live! Free of charge, you get:

Business Rules service introduces Decision Composer

The Business Rules service helps you capture, automate and govern frequent, repeatable business decisions. As part of this service, tooling is available to model and author decisions. To make decision modeling even easier and accessible to a wider audience, IBM is exploring new ways to express and specify decision logic. As part of this, IBM is launching Decision Composer, an experimental capability with the following characteristics:

The ZUMATA experience: Using A.I. for your next hotel search

ZUMATA's Intelligent Travel API enables Artificial Intelligence for personalized hotel search experience. Their research and development in Natural Language understanding, tone analysis, and image recognition reads and understands complex search requirements and matches users with the perfect hotel. With ZUMATA, you can optimize your client search experience, reduce operational cost and access information at the tip of your fingers.

Engaging developers on IBM Cloud with new cognitive services in Frankfurt

Today IBM is adding an extensive catalogue of Bluemix services hosted in the Frankfurt data center for European developers.

Introducing Cloud Automation Manager

IBM Cloud Automation Manager is a multi cloud management solution for deploying cloud infrastructure in multiple clouds with an optimized user experience. We are pleased to announce the availability of Cloud Automation Manager in Dallas, London and Sydney Bluemix regions.

HCL delivers new class of service delivery applications on IBM Bluemix

How many times have you forgotten your password to one of your many online services? We all have. We don’t think about what happens in the background, but there are service delivery systems in the background providing that automated support. In fact, the most common example of self-service support delivery is password reset automation. Service delivery systems also allow you to provision, start, stop and reboot your service.