We’re taking action to secure our cloud against recent security vulnerabilities

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We’ve been working closely with our vendors concerning the security vulnerability announced on January 3, 2018. This vulnerability has the potential to allow those with malicious intent to gather sensitive data from computing devices. Intel believes these exploits do not have the potential to corrupt, modify, or delete data.

We will be applying patches to our VSI cloud hosts worldwide starting January 5, 2018 through January 8, 2018 to mitigate the risk to our virtual server clients. Due to the nature of this vulnerability and the affected components, we are not able to mitigate this potential vulnerability via hot patching; cloud host reboots are required. While we do not expect any problems with the reboots, all customers should create a backup of all data from their virtual server instances.

In addition to providing an overall schedule to clients with active virtual servers, we’ll also use maintenance tickets to notify customers when their VSIs are scheduled to be rebooted. These maintenance tickets will identify the scheduled VSIs and provide the date and time of the cloud host reboot. Clients also can expect to receive a two-hour reminder update before the maintenance event, a ticket update with the start of maintenance, and a final ticket update once the maintenance is complete.

Firmware updates and operating system updates will be required for our bare metal offerings. Please watch for these updates and instructions as they become available in the client control portal. We will push these notifications as soon as we receive updates from the relevant vendors.

In addition to the cloud infrastructure mitigations above, our engineers will apply similar patches to the platform compute offerings from the IBM Container Service, IBM Cloud Foundry platform, and IBM Cloud Functions, after the necessary vendor updates are available and tested.

We will update this blog post as more information is available.


IBM Container Service Updates

We have released an updated image for clients to patch their environments. Get further instructions.

IBM Cloud Foundry Updates

We have successfully completed updating the IBM Cloud Foundry Platform public environments with all available patches and will continue to apply vendor patches as they become available. Dedicated and local customers should contact support or their CSM for status updates on the patching.

Director, IBM Cloud Platform, Compute Offering Management

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