The IBM Bluemix Garage Method is a DevOps Dozen winner

0.1942The IBM® Bluemix® Garage Method recently received the Most Innovative DevOps Solution of 2016 award! The Bluemix Garage Method illustrates how IBM scales DevOps with the speed and innovation of a startup while meeting enterprise demands for scale, complexity, and quality.

The Garage Method team walks the talk

The Bluemix Garage Method team is an example of the method in action. Its infrastructure and content squads took the site from concept to delivery in eight weeks, mastering design thinking, continuous delivery, and high availability. The overall team updates the Bluemix Garage Method site daily, driven by hypotheses for expected outcomes. They measure the actual outcomes and pivot as needed, all while maintaining exceptional availability—99.995% over the last year. To learn how the team maintains availability, see the High availability article.

The team uses a ranked backlog to prioritize work, and demonstrates progress in weekly playbacks. Beyond the core team, the site is contributed to by collaborators from across IBM who are excited to share their expertise and transformation stories with the industry.

Congratulations team!

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