IBM Object Storage Beta service plan removal from the Bluemix catalog

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Today, we are announcing that the Object Storage Beta service plan is being withdrawn from the Bluemix catalog. We would like to share with you more details about this announcement and the actions that you can take as a result.

How might this announcement affect you?

On March 15, you cannot provision new instances of this Beta service plan. However, for a period of 15 days, which is approximately March 31, 2016, existing provisioned instances will continue to be available through the Bluemix dashboard and supported by IBM Object Storage Service team. Any instance of the service that remains provisioned after this 15-day period will be deleted by IBM Object Storage Service team.

What are the recommended actions?

You are asked to unprovision your Object Storage Beta service instances prior to the end of this 15-day period. Prior to unprovisioning the service or having it deleted, you can move to the Object Storage GA standard plan by March 31st, 2016, to ensure continued access to existing service instances. If you do not plan to enroll in the GA plan, please ensure that your data and services are removed by March 31st, 2016.

We are here to help! Please submit any questions or concerns through a ticket at

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