Build a robust and agile backend with Simplicité and Bluemix

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Building your business backend on Bluemix is just one click away thanks to Simplicité platform, a universal aPaaS (application PaaS) designed to simplify enterprise applications’ lifecycle from initial requirement capture to operation. Simplicité brings an advanced, business-oriented and model-driven application platform to Bluemix PaaS.

Using Simplicité in conjunction with the other services and packages available on Bluemix will fulfill any business requirements with an industry-grade end-to-end solution: DevOps frontends (web & mobile apps, IoT), agile business backends, flexible analytics and advanced services (cognitive, social)

Why run Simplicité software on Bluemix?

From startups to large account companies, using Simplicité for your backend needs is the best way to take over your competitors.

The time to market is highly reduced thanks to its extremely agile delivery process. The return on investment is optimized by increasing productivity and reducing costs. And your business backends are also ready for the future as your services are also available to potential business partners through the platform APIs.

Combining the best of Simplicité and Bluemix

By running Simplicité on Bluemix PaaS, you get the best of breed of modern cloud-IT at the same place. Bluemix is a wonderful PaaS platform; it is far more than a DevOps platform with low-level technical services like SQL and NoSQL databases, security. Bluemix also offers advanced services from its ecosystem such as cognitive and social APIs. It also gives you the opportunity to run professional software such as Simplicité.

In other words, thanks to business-oriented platforms like Simplicité, Bluemix does not only allow you to build agile “system of engagements” (frontends), but also modern, robust and flexible “system of records” (backends), all of them taking advantage of advanced services.

By analogy with DevOps that reduces the gap between development and operation, Simplicité brings DesOps (Design to Operation) approach that reduces the gap between business application requirement analysis and operation.

Simplicité is a “low code platform” which means you can build advanced backend application without the pain of massive development: most of the implementation is done by configuring business objects, workflows, rules, rights and for the complex requirements the behavior of these configured items can be enhanced by some business-oriented code. Once implemented on Simplicité your business get a professional backend web UI and corresponding APIs without additional coding.

When you run Simplicité on Bluemix you automatically get the benefits of a multi-tenant, highly elastic, industry grade, locks-in free and cost effective playground. It has never been easier to build powerful business applications !

Ready to try Simplicité? Build your first backend today

For a quick start, you can simply register for a free (or premium) Simplicité ready-to-use sandbox from the Bluemix catalog. Go to the “Web and application” section or use the catalog’s search bar. Once you have clicked on the icon, you can choose the sandbox plan you want (the difference between free and premium sandboxes is the amount of dedicated memory).

Simplicité Create

Once you have chosen the plan you want, click create, you should see a page with a link to your Simplicité sandbox:

Open dashboard

When you click on “Open Simplicité aPaaS for Bluemix dashboard” you land on the default home page of the Simplicité web UI:


To have a good understanding of how work the platform it’s really important to read the home page (and the documentation linked on it).

The login information is on the same page you can choose to connect either in “easy mode” or in “full designer” mode (the “easy mode” is a simplified configuration mode where you don’t need to care about advanced configuration stuff, for a first overview you should consider using this mode). See the default passwords in the screenshot below:


At that stage, you can bring your business to Simplicité!


For a more advanced usage of the Simplicité platform on Bluemix, you can also deploy custom instances as Bluemix apps (using a default Java buildpack and your preferred database). In this case, as for any Bluemix app, you can bind third party services to your Simplicité instances.

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