Get Pumped for the Cloud Foundry Summit

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I’m pumped for the Cloud Foundry Summit! Are you??? Well if you aren’t yet hopefully you will be after reading this!

If you attended the conference last year there was an awesome presentation on the future of Diego.  What is Diego you ask?  It is the new DEA that is coming for Cloud Foundry.  It is a complete re-write in Go and will add some new features such as the ability to swap out the underlaying linux containers for things like Docker.  Additionally another huge win is adding in plugins, this will be awesome as well!

Additionally, there is always a cast of characters there…  Angel Diaz (from IBM) is a great speaker and always pumps people up (literally).  You should ask him to arm wrestle you, I would lose…

Ok so for reals, what am I really excited about, well the tech, duh…  Here is a list of some of the sessions I am really pumped about and why.


Again, get PUMPED!!!  I am all jacked up and ready to head to the CF Summit, better see you there.  If you come up to me at the Summit and yell out get pumped in front of me, I’ll buy you a beer or something…

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