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General Availability – IBM API Management for Bluemix

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On April 3, 2015, we made the IBM API Management for Bluemix (APIm) service generally available (GA).  This version will replace the Beta that you may be using presently.  We will sunset the Beta service at the end of April, so there are a few items you will need to complete in order to move from the Beta service to the new and improved GA service!  Those steps are provided below along with step numbers which correspond to the Getting Started with API Management tutorial.

Changes required before the end of April:

  • Provision a new API Management service instance from the Bluemix catalog. (Step 1)
    Note the new pricing models for the GA service. (Step 1.4)
  • Recreate your APIs and rate plans in the new API Management instance. (Step 2 & 3)
  • Republish your APIs to Bluemix. (Step 5)
  • Bind the published API to any of the apps that previously used the Beta APIs. (Step 6)
  • Test the API to ensure everything is working well. (Step 7)
  • Unbind your old APIs from your apps, and unpublish the old APIs from the Beta APIm service instance.
  • Delete the API Management beta service instance.


To differentiate the Beta provisioned organizations from those provisioned in the GA version, please note that an organization provisioned in the GA service will have the Bluemix space it was deployed from in parenthesis, whereas those provisioned from Beta will not. For example:

      GA – ricky@example.com (dev)


    Beta – ricky@example.com

If you have any questions while going through these changes, feel free to post on the Bluemix forum, using the tag: APIm-Bluemix.

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