World of Watson: Bluemix sessions that you don’t want to miss

World of Watson kicks off on the 24th of October! Whether you’re going to be there in person or if you’re going to be joining the conference through the IBM app, we’ll be covering everything that you need to know about Bluemix and the conference right here. This post will whet your appetite for some of the sessions that are available to conference attendees and are special interest to Bluemix developers.

Introducing custom tool integration for Bluemix toolchains

Toolchains come with out-of-the-box support for a number of common third-party tools like GitHub and Slack. They also support more specialized Bluemix tools, like the Delivery Pipeline, that help deploy your applications. In this post, I'll explain how to integrate a new tool with no coding or special hosting.

Integration and Messaging on IBM PureApplication and Bluemix Local System

A highly-available messaging and integration environment is essential for many of today’s business transactions. Therefore, companies want not only to empower their messaging and integration environments, but want to achieve the highest reliability and scalability at a fraction of the cost and administration. Enter IBM PureApplication, which can be deployed in your private cloud as a pre-built/pre-integrated system, in your private cloud as software on your own infrastructure, or entirely in the cloud.

Introducing the next generation of the Bluemix Mobile dashboard

You know how when you're building an app, you have a few steps that you always have to do that are just annoying? Get a service, get a key, get an SDK, add some lines of code, rinse and repeat. What if you didn't have to do any of that? With the next generation of Mobile Development on Bluemix, you can skip to the fun part.

IBM DataWorks is renamed IBM Bluemix Data Connect

IBM DataWorks service has been renamed IBM Bluemix Data Connect as part of the strategic announcement to make data simple and accessible to all.

How the development team builds the IBM Bluemix Garage Method website

About one year ago, IBM launched the IBM Bluemix Garage Method website. Have you noticed the many changes in design, content, and function since then? If so, you might wonder how the development team builds the IBM Garage Method website, keeping up with all this churn. As a team member, let me give an overview.

3 ways to avoid failure in application deployment

In my previous post Six causes of application deployment failure, I discussed causes of system failures and their resulting negative impacts for enterprises. But how can one avoid failure in the first place?

Mobile Foundation service introduces cloud-friendly pricing plans

Mobile Foundation just introduced a new cloud-friendly pricing model. It gives enterprises greater flexibility in how they deploy from development, user acceptance testing, pre-production and production—all on the cloud at a low price, but with great scale.

Introducing Bluemix Mobile Code Starters

Experienced mobile developers can use Code Starters to integrate common mobile services and key Bluemix services like Watson, Weather, IoT, and Cloudant, with a production-ready starting point. These Code Starters massively reduce the time it takes to get your mobile app running with Bluemix.

Code Review is an Architectural Necessity: What is it and what problems does it solve?

These days, everything is code. Architecture and design documents can be expressed in code. You set up your systems with configuration management software, right? Infrastructure is code. A typo could be an immediate tenfold cost increase. Code review doesn’t just help build knowledge of application code anymore. It forces us to write down our discussions and make them searchable.

Connect native Android app to Watson Sentiment Analysis in under 10 minutes

This blog post describes how you can add Watson's cognitive service to an Android app in about 10 minutes.

Introducing Cloudant’s Swift library

Developers targeting the Apple platforms have taken to Swift with impressive speed, and with Apple's drive to open source the Swift tool chain and libraries, Swift is starting to take hold outside Apple's platforms, too – and IBM is right there in the mix. SwiftCloudant, which is our official Swift client library now available as early release, creates an asynchronous, operations-based API for Cloudant that feels "Swifty".

Adopt Behavior Driven Development with Hiptest and Bluemix

In Part 1 of this series, Deliver better software faster with Behavior Driven Development, I explained the benefits of adopting Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and the cultural shift it requires. In this second part, I’ll share a concrete example using Bluemix and Hiptest.