World of Watson: Bluemix sessions that you don’t want to miss

World of Watson kicks off on the 24th of October! Whether you’re going to be there in person or if you’re going to be joining the conference through the IBM app, we’ll be covering everything that you need to know about Bluemix and the conference right here. This post will whet your appetite for some of the sessions that are available to conference attendees and are special interest to Bluemix developers.

IoT Device Events to Streaming Analytics in 15 Minutes with Bluemix

From this week's World of Watson conference, see how easy is it to analyze data and events from devices using Apache Edgent, IBM Watson IoT Platform and IBM's Streaming Analytic Service, all running on Bluemix.

Powertrack users – Insights for Twitter is moving to Gnip 2.0

Insights for Twitter will start using Gnip 2.0 instead of Gnip 1.0 in the latter half of November. At that point Gnip 1.0 will not be supported. Since your Powertrack 1.0 queries may be impacted, please plan on migrating your queries to Gnip 2.0.

Code Review is an Architectural Necessity: Quality attributes that code review ensures

This post is the second in a series on code review and architecture. In this installment, I discuss the key attributes that code review guarantees.

Using Test Driven Development in the Bluemix Garage

Everything we practice today in the Garage is about delivering business value as quickly as possible using IBM Bluemix. It’s easy to read that statement and think that our coding practices involve catapulting large amounts of code into an editor at all hours of the day and night, but we take mostly an opposite approach—we write our tests first.

ASP.NET Core buildpack removing support for .NET Core 1.0.0 RC2

Microsoft ended support for the .NET Core 1.0 RC2 runtime on September 27th, 2016. We recommend that users upgrade existing applications that are still using this runtime to other production-ready runtime versions already available in Bluemix.

IBM Operations Analytics available as an experimental service

The IBM Operations Analytics service analyzes log and metric data from your WebSphere services in real time. The service maximizes the uptime of you applications by providing insights into emerging problems before they impact users.

IBM Containers: Availability Zones

Availability zones allow apps to be run and load balanced across multiple cloud environments of the same IBM Containers region. In much the same way anti-affinity provides protection from a single physical compute node failure, availability zones protect against a whole cloud failure.

IBM Blockchain High Security Plan – General Availability

High Security Business Network (HSBN) is a blockchain network focused on performance, data privacy and security. HSBN is intended for customers wanting to move beyond basic blockchain exploration towards corporate PoCs, first projects, pilots and production. We have been operating the service plan as a closed beta; it is now generally available.

End of beta – BigInsights for Apache Hadoop Basic plan

We have had a successful Beta of the Basic plan on BigInsights for Apache Hadoop. We’ve incorporated your feedback into the Basic plan that was launched in August this year. The Beta of the Basic plan is retired; the Basic Plan will be available as a GA offering and we will share updates on this soon. The Enterprise Plan is unchanged.

IBM Predictive Analytics renamed IBM Watson Machine Learning Service

We are changing the name of the IBM Predictive Analytics service to “IBM Watson Machine Learning”. Our new name reflects the direction we are taking to provide deeper and more sophisticated self-learning capabilities as well as enhanced model management and deployment functionality within the service.

Retirement of Beta Services – Virtual Servers, Block Storage, Network Security Groups

With yesterday’s introduction of infrastructure services now available to purchase in IBM Bluemix, effective October 25, 2016, we are retiring the following Beta services: Bluemix Virtual Servers, Block Storage, and Network Security Groups.

Time to migrate to new Weather Company Data service

If you created your Bluemix account with us prior to July 1st, you are accessing the old Insights for Weather service. To continue evaluating the weather data service, you must migrate your application. It only takes three easy steps.