What is IBM® LinuxONE?

IBM LinuxONE is an enterprise-grade Linux® server with a unique architecture designed to meet the needs of mission-critical workloads. It brings together IBM’s experience in building sustainable, secure and scalable systems with the openness of the Linux operating system.



Contain server sprawl, decrease total cost of ownership (TCO) and reduce your corporate carbon footprint and energy usage.


Minimize the impact of internal and external attacks with confidential computing and quantum-safe cryptography.


Manage data and transactions at massive scale and respond to changing requirements on demand.

Total cost of ownership

How much could you be saving?

By answering just a few questions such as hardware, workload type and software, the IBM LinuxONE cost estimator provides a high-level total cost of ownership based on your answers and industry-proven assumptions.

Client stories


exterior view of city skyscrapers at dusk

Building a sustainable business

Citibank achieves its security and sustainability goals with IBM LinuxONE and MongoDB.

Phoenix Systems

Person in store with tablet

Turning myth into reality

Phoenix Systems fuses the convenience of public cloud with unprecedented security.

Bank Zero

Person looking at a smart phone

Launching the bank of the future

Bank Zero delivers one-of-a-kind customer experiences with IBM and open-source technology.

Plastic Bank

Ice floating in water

Cleaning up the planet

Plastic Bank uses ultra-secure blockchain on a LinuxONE platform to reduce ocean plastic.

Nowy Styl

Factory floor

Preparing for future growth

Nowy Styl increases key system processing speeds by ~450% while adding more layers of security.

Met Office

Exterior entrance of a building

Delivering weather data to millions

The Met Office ensures it can handle massive peaks in requests for its meteorological data.


Person at a desk

Optimizing IT infrastructure

Deloitte helps companies secure blockchain innovation with end-to-end pervasive encryption features.


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