Data resilience

Storage solutions for storage data protection and cyber resilience ensure continuity of operations, better performance, and lower infrastructure costs.  They simplify VM, application, and container backup and recovery, which improves storage efficiency, and provides data isolation throughout your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Increase data security and resiliency while reducing operational costs.

Reduce storage and operational costs

The General Treasury of Morocco reduced backup and recovery infrastructure costs by over 70% with IBM solutions.

Protect data with tape or immutable object storage

The resilience of the IBM solution enabled Jefferson to bounce back from an accident that severed a large portion of their storage system.

Speed data backup and recovery

PT Wings Surya accelerated data backups and added resilience to their IT infrastructure.

Need extra data protection?

Get a special price when you combine IBM Spectrum Protect Plus with a FlashSystem entry model.

APIS IT protects their containerized environment with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

APIS IT utilizes IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to protect more than 1,000 virtual machines and containerized projects.

Data resilience solutions

All-in-one data protection

An all-in-one data protection solution for VMs, Windows® file systems, databases, applications, SaaS workloads, and containers in hybrid cloud environments. End-to-end SLA policies streamline operational recovery, data reuse, and long term data retention.

Scalable data storage protection

Proven, scalable storage data protection for physical, virtual, and software-defined workloads in hybrid cloud environments. Reduce storage data backup infrastructure costs with deduplication, incremental 'forever' backup, and policy-based administration.


Advanced copy data management

Simplified, easy-to-access solution including a self-service portal, to make copies available to data consumers when and where they need them, without creating unnecessary copies or leaving unused copies on valuable storage.

Enterprise cyber resilient storage

Ultimate cyber protection made easy with immutable storage that prevents production data from being modified or deleted when a cyber-attack occurs.

IBM Tape air gap protection

Avoid data corruption due to malware or ransomware attacks with tape solutions that physically isolate data from a local area network.

High performance cyber resilience solutions

IBM FlashSystem adds a layer of protection with immutable and isolated copies to address today's evolving threats, allowing you to quickly recover after a cyberattack.


IBM Cyber Resilience Assessment

This tool is a self-conducted evaluation that includes a workshop, a detailed final report, and a roadmap of recommended improvements.

IBM Lab Services Cyber Incident Response Assessment

A multi-phase approach that includes a workshop, implementation services, and health checks that help organizations assess their needs, develop strategies, deploy and configure solutions to support cyber resilience.

IBM Security X-Force Incident Response Retainer

Improve cyber incident response readiness and minimize the impact of breaches with an incident response retainer subscription that provides preventive and proactive services in addition to emergency incident response support. IBM Data Resilience clients are eligible for a special subscription promotion!

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