Reach new heights in data protection

The cost and care that needs to go into your data protection increases dramatically as the volume and complexity of your data grows.  This infographic presents data protection strategies you can pursue for your environment.

Modernize your data protection and data backup solutions

Simplify management and data re-use

Developers and database administrators want to manage data copies while you need control; Role-based access control (RBAC), REST APIs, SLA-based policies and a drilldown dashboard fit the bill.

Control storage costs

Massive data growth and the need for data retention drives up storage costs. Built-in data reduction technologies and cost-effective storage for data offload are now more vital than ever.

Reduce risk and ensure data compliance

Make sure your data is secure from the growing number of cyber threats and that your data retention policies adhere to industry regulations.

IBM helps Tectrade deliver to clients

Tectrade completes over 2 million backups of over 131 PB of protected data every month using IBM Spectrum Protect and Protect Plus.

With hundreds of companies looking to Tectrade to handle data backup, protection and recovery tasks, the company turns to IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to help them provide extended services for physical, cloud and virtual environments.

Learn more about data protection

The Spectrum Data Protection Portfolio from IBM Is a ‘Must See’

This report from ESG explores how Spectrum Protect has evolved to meet the needs of modern enterprises with comprehensive data protection that is able to unlock incremental business value in support of a broad-based data management strategy.

Modern Enterprise Data Protection for On-Prem and Cloud Environments

Modern enterprise data protection challenges you to protect your data across different environments, meet data protection SLAs, and affordably store your backups. Check out this solutions brief to discover how IBM can help you solve those challenges.

Best-in-class data protection products

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

A data recovery and re-use solution for virtual environments and databases that can be deployed in minutes and protect your environment within an hour. Empower a broader set of users with role-based access and easy-to-use data backup and recovery portals.

IBM Spectrum Protect

Simplify data protection whether data is hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud/multicloud environments. Reduce data backup infrastructure costs by as much as 53% with deduplication, incremental 'forever' backup, policy-based administration, and flexibility in your choice of storage.

IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management

Make copies available to data consumers when and where they need them, without creating unnecessary copies or leaving unused copies on valuable storage. Deploys as a virtual machine in about 15 minutes and can coordinate sending data to AWS S3.


High-performance computing and analysis

The Computational Medicine Center at Jefferson relies on the data retention and recovery of Spectrum Protect to break new ground in the understanding of disease.

Scalable, cost-effective storage

VU Medical Center Amsterdam has massive storage requirements, which IBM Spectrum Storage helps it to meet.

Data protection for growing virtual workloads

Discover how IBM Spectrum Protect Plus offers the best set of features to overcome the challenges and complexities associated with data protection for growing virtual workloads.

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