Why modernize your data?

Data fuels digital transformation, yet 80% of it is locked in silos or is not business-ready. Only 15% of organizations get the value they need from their data. While 90% of businesses view AI as the transformational technology of our time, it is not magic.

The fact is, there is no AI without IA. A solid information architecture is the foundation for artificial intelligence. Modernizing your data means building an information architecture for AI that provides choice and flexibility across a client's enterprise—with less "assembly required" in expanding AI’s impact across the organization. Modernize your data estates with AI to become a more predictive, digitally automated enterprise.


Collect, organize, and analyze data with speed and agility

Connected data

Eliminate silos and make data simple and accessible

Governed DataOps

Create a business-ready analytics foundation

Automated AI lifecycle

Build and scale machine learning models

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An all-in-one, containerized data and AI platform – available in the cloud and out of the box

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Cloud Pak for Data is a new kind of data and AI platform that simplifies how clients collect, organize, and analyze data to enable impactful AI.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data System

True plug-and-play enterprise data and AI, deployable in hours and ready to use out of the box to deliver best-in-class performance and time to value.

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IBM Experiences

Explore this flexible multicloud data platform with a 7-day free trial. Learn how to collect, organize, and analyze your data to build AI-powered applications.

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Explore Cloud Pak for Data

Need a deeper dive into Cloud Pak for Data capabilities? Take a look at how this integrated platform provides the end-to-end architecture for making your data ready for AI.

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Join our product experts and hear how Cloud Pak for Data can generate powerful insights on a trusted data foundation.

Cloud Pak for Data 2.5

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Learn how the release of Cloud Pak for Data version 2.5 brings new capabilities and deeper Red Hat OpenShift integration to the platform.

Enterprise Insights Platforms

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Learn why IBM is recognized as a leader by Forrester and how Cloud Pak for Data can help your organization achieve its AI goals.


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See how the AI ladder can help your company get ready for an AI and multicloud world.