Why modernize your data?

Data fuels digital transformation, yet 80% of it is locked in silos or is not business-ready. Only 15% of organizations get the value they need from their data. While 90% of businesses view AI as the transformational technology of our time, it is not magic.

The fact is, there is no AI without IA. A solid information architecture is the foundation for artificial intelligence. Modernizing your data means building an information architecture for AI that provides choice and flexibility across a client's enterprise—with less "assembly required" in expanding AI’s impact across the organization. Modernize your data estates with AI to become a more predictive, digitally automated enterprise.

Use cases

Collect, organize, and analyze data with speed and agility

Data Modernization

Virtualize data to break down silos and maximize data usage. Minimize costly data movement and storage. Learn how you can reduce ETL requests by up to 65%.

Governed DataOps

Eliminate redundant point solutions. Unify tools, processes and governance. Manage enterprise data at scale and speed time to market by 75%.

Automated AI lifecycle

Optimize outcomes with predictive and prescriptive analytics. See how a transportation company saved millions of US dollars annually with Decision Optimization.

AI for financial operations

Drive better business performance with more accurate, more reliable company-wide planning. See how IBM Planning Analytics can help lower forecasting cycles by 70%.

AI for customer care

AI helps you create exceptional customer experiences, reduce costs and speed solutions. Learn how Regions Bank reduced customer-care costs with AI.

Self-service analytics

Enable self-service and collaboration across teams with a unified, AI-infused platform. Learn about the latest updates to IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.

Featured offerings

An all-in-one, containerized data and AI platform – available in the cloud and out of the box

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Cloud Pak for Data is a new kind of data and AI platform that simplifies how clients collect, organize, and analyze data to enable impactful AI.

Cloud Pak for Data →

IBM Cloud Pak for Data System

True plug-and-play enterprise data and AI, deployable in hours and ready to use out of the box to deliver best-in-class performance and time to value.

Cloud Pak for Data System →

IBM Experiences

Explore this flexible multicloud data platform with a 7-day free trial. Learn how to collect, organize, and analyze your data to build AI-powered applications.

IBM Experiences →

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Need a deeper dive into Cloud Pak® for Data capabilities? Take a look at how this integrated platform provides the end-to-end architecture for making your data ready for AI.

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The economic impact of IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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Discover how IBM Cloud Pak for Data can cut costs and drive revenue with its integrated data and AI services.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data 3.0

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Learn how the release of IBM Cloud Pak for Data version 3.0 brings new capabilities to ease and automate your journey to AI.

CxO to CxO: Scaling AI for growth and innovation

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Learn where C-level executives and industry leaders focus their AI strategies as they build and scale AI for growth and innovation.

Discover AI challenges and how to overcome them with our proven approach.

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