Discover, track and control access to sensitive files

This solution provides automated discovery and classification of unstructured data in files and file systems including NAS, SharePoint, Windows, and Unix to help organizations better understand their unstructured data risks. It can also help the right users have the right access to the right unstructured data. Data Protection for Files supports file activity monitoring capabilities across files and file systems, with cognitive analytics detecting unusual activity around sensitive data. Continuous monitoring and real-time security and protection policies protect unstructured data across the enterprise.

Uncover internal and external risks

Discover and classify sensitive data in files and continuously monitor and audit all file activity.

Enforce security policies in real time

Block user access by enforcing security policies in real time—for all file access, including access by privileged users.

Create a centralized repository

View detailed reporting on all file activity from a single, centralized management console.

Key features of IBM Guardium Data Protection for Files

  • Monitor and audit all data activity
  • Enforce security policies for file access and change control
  • Accelerate compliance workflows and audit activities
  • Safeguard sensitive data across heterogeneous environments
  • Discover and classify data in files and file systems