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Natural Language Classifier

Interpret and classify natural language with confidence.

General Availability

The service enables developers without a background in machine learning or statistical algorithms to create natural language interfaces for their applications. The service interprets the intent behind text and returns a corresponding classification with associated confidence levels. The return value can then be used to trigger a corresponding action, such as redirecting the request or answering a question.

Intended Use

The Natural Language Classifier is tuned and tailored to short text (1000 characters or less) and can be trained to function in any domain or application.

  • Tackle common questions from your users that are typically handled by a live agent.
  • Classify SMS texts as personal, work, or promotional
  • Classify tweets into a set of classes, such as events, news, or opinions.
  • Based on the response from the service, an application can control the outcome to the user. For example, you can start another application, respond with an answer, begin a dialog, or any number of other possible outcomes.

You input

  • Text to a pre-trained model

Service output

  • Classes ordered by confidence

Try it out

Check out Natural Language Classifier when it's trained to a weather domain

How it is used


First Classifier


First classifier is FREE. Each additional classifier is $20.00 per month.

Additional classifiers are charged for on a monthly basis.

API Calls


First one thousand API calls per month are FREE. Additional calls are $0.0035 per call.

You are charged only for the GET /classify and POST /classify methods.

Classifier Training Events


First four training events per month are FREE. Additional training events are $3.00 per training event.

Training events are tracked and charged for on a monthly basis.

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