Overview of the Tone Analyzer service

The IBM Watson™ Tone Analyzer service uses linguistic analysis to detect three types of tones from written text: emotions, social tendencies, and writing style. Users can use the Tone Analyzer service to analyze conversations and communications. Use the output to respond to customers appropriately and craft the perfect message.

Tone Analyzer service use cases

  • Chat Bots: Enable an automated agent to detect customer tones and based on the tones detected, craft suitable responses such as "Sorry that you are upset about this problem,” and, “I'm glad you are satisfied with my service."
  • Customer Care Monitoring & Quality Assurance: An application based on Tone Analyzer service can monitor the overall tones in agents' communications, detect anomalies, and highlight opportunities to train agents on how to better communicate.
  • Personal or Business Communications: The Tone Analyzer service can analyze text in an application add-on. For example, an email widget that you would run on your content like a spell checker.

Use the Tone Analyzer service with other IBM Watson services

You can connect additional IBM Watson services to analyze user input, such as IBM Watson Conversation or Speech to Text. One example of integration with the Conversation is the Conversation Food Coach app.

This app coaches users to make healthy food choices based on their responses about food they ate. For details, see this Watson blog post.

This cloud service suggests output based on applying an algorithm to calculate the tone of the text and is not meant to be used to, nor does it, infer personality traits of the author.

Tone Analyzer service basic flow

Input JSON or plain text that contains your written content into the service, and then get back results in JSON that analyzes the tone for each sentence of your input. Use these results to adjust the tone of your content to change how people will perceive your online identity and to increase the effectiveness of your communication. To quickly start using the service, see the Tutorial.

Input email and other written media into the  service, and use the results to determine if your writing comes across with the tone, personality traits, and writing style that you want for your intended audience.

Next steps

To begin working with the Tone Analyzer service:

  • You can see a quick demo of the Tone Analyzer service in action. The demo application lets you input text content and then it analyzes each sentence and gives your overall and sentence level analysis of the tone of your content.

  • Start using the Tone Analyzer service by doing a basic tone analysis. For a step by step guide for doing the analysis with cURL, see Getting started, and for API parameter details, see the API Reference page.

  • To interact with this API, use the Tone Analyzer service API explorer.Use the explorer to test your calls to the API, and to view live responses from the server.

  • For more information about interpreting your tone score, see Understanding your tone score.

Language support

The Tone Analyzer can analyze English text.

Questions and feedback

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