Getting started with Watson Developer Cloud and Bluemix

The IBM Watson™ Developer Cloud (WDC) offers a variety of services for developing cognitive applications. Each Watson service provides a Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API) for interacting with the service. Some services, such as the Speech to Text service, provide additional interfaces.

Getting started with Bluemix

IBM Bluemix® is the cloud platform in which you deploy applications that you develop with Watson Developer Cloud services. The Watson Developer Cloud documentation provides information for developing applications with Watson services in Bluemix. You can learn more about Bluemix from the following links:

Getting Started with Watson Developer Cloud services

The complete list of Watson Developer Cloud services is available from the Watson services catalog. The catalog provides a link to the landing page for each service, which provides an overview of the service and links to the documentation for the service, to using the service in Bluemix, and to a demo application for the service.

Sample applications are available for all Watson services. Applications may be available in Node.js, Java, Python, or other programming languages. Most applications can be accessed from GitHub and most are based on the Watson Developer Cloud Software Development Kits (SDKS) that are available for various programming languages.

  • For the list of sample applications and other utilities available from GitHub, see the Watson Developer Cloud namespace on GitHub.

  • For more information about the Watson Developer Cloud SDKs, see Using Watson SDKs.

  • For more information about Git and to download Git for your operating system, see

Contributing to the Watson community

A number of resources are available for you to learn and share information about Watson services:

  • The IBM Watson Developer Community provides general access to a number of valuable resources. It is a great place to explore current and future service offerings.

  • The Watson forum lets you ask questions about application development with Watson services. Questions are easily searchable based on their content and tags. When asking a question about a specific service, add a tag based on the name of that service. You can check the list of tags on the right side of the community page or search for a tag or substring to see what tags have already been created.

  • Stack Overflow is another excellent resource for asking questions and for learning more about working with Watson services.

  • The Watson blog includes posts about Watson services that are written by IBM researchers, developers, and other experts.