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AlchemyLanguage is a collection of text analysis functions that derive semantic information from your content. You can input text, HTML, or a public URL and leverage sophisticated natural language processing techniques to get a quick high-level understanding of your content and obtain detailed insights such as directional sentiment from entity to object.

If you want to try these functions and see what's possible with AlchemyLanguage for yourself, check out the demo app and its companion GitHub repo.

We are always looking to improve and learn from your experience with our services. You can submit comments or ask questions about the AlchemyLanguage API in the Watson forum. You can also read posts about Watson services that are written by IBM researchers, developers, and other experts on the Watson blog.

Learning more about the service

See the following for more information about the AlchemyLanguage service:

  • AlchemyLanguage home page on the Watson Developer Cloud website provides summary information about common use cases, inputs, and outputs for the service, as well as links to the demo for the service, and this documentation.

  • Overview for Developers - provides an overview of its REST API, discusses the SDKs that are available to simplify working with the AlchemyData News API, and explains the pre-requisites for using the service.

  • Tutorials provides examples of using the AlchemyLanguage service's REST API.

  • API reference provides detailed reference information for the functions in the AlchemyLanguage REST API and SDKs, including endpoints, sample calls, and output examples.

  • API explorer for viewing and interactively experimenting with the AlchemyLanguage REST API