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AlchemyData News

AlchemyData provides news and blog content enriched with natural language processing to allow for highly targeted search and trend analysis. Now you can query the world's news sources and blogs like a database.

General Availability

AlchemyData News indexes 250k to 300k English language news and blog articles every day with historical search available for the past 60 days. You can query the News API directly with no need to acquire, enrich and store the data yourself - enabling you to go beyond simple keyword-based searches.

Intended Use

Highly targeted search, time series and counts for trend analysis and pattern mapping, and historical access to news and blog content.

You input

  • Build a query with natural language processing to search both the text in indexed content and the concepts that are associated with it.

Service output

  • News and blog content enriched with our full suite of NLP services.
  • Keywords, Entities, Concepts, Relations, Sentiment, Taxonomy

Try it out

The best way to play around with AlchemyData News is to copy/paste queries into a browser tab and see the results.

How it is used

Watson News Explorer - Read and Discover the News, Cognitively

News Explorer uses AlchemyAPI’s News API to automatically construct a news information network and present large volumes of news results in an understandable fashion. Then it extracts semantic data from the news with advanced Watson NLP technology to provide new ways of visualizing and understanding news as it occurs.

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