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Information Integration

In today’s information-centric era, unprecedented growth in the volume, variety and velocity of data means integrating trusted information is critical to ensure that business projects and key analytics initiatives will be successful. If records have errors, defects or omissions, vital transactions can be lost. Industry surveys report that up to 70 percent of major companies currently experience defective data in substantial volume, resulting in billing inaccuracies, loss of revenue and misinterpreted results. IBM’s data integration portfolio offers you agile integration, business-driven governance and sustainable data quality.

The value of your data depends on your ability to discover, evaluate and cleanse it

An effective information supply chain can help companies enhance customer satisfaction, increase management control and improve business results.

Dan Wolfson, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor

What is Information Integration?

The concept of data quality has evolved. Eliminating duplicate records and standardizing addresses are only part of the solution. To make use of new business intelligence and decision support tools, users need an aggregated view of enterprise data that is consistent, complete, accurate and timely. Access must be enabled without being restricted by variations in format or source (for example, much of today’s data is unstructured, such as the free-form text entered by customers using social media or web applications). In short, preparing disparate enterprise data for a unified enterprise view is the principal function of information integration and quality monitoring.

To learn more, please read Dan Wolfson's post on information integration on the Smarter Computing Blog.

Why is Information Integration important?

How can IBM help you maximize the business value of your data?

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Meet the Information Integration expert

Dan Wolfson

IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Master Inventor

About Dan

Dan Wolfson is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the chief architect/CTO for the InfoSphere segment of the IBM Information Management Division of the IBM Software Group. He is responsible for architecture and technical leadership across the rapidly growing areas of InfoSphere including Tools, Information Integration, Master Data Management, Metadata Management and Industry Models. Dan's previous roles include CTO for Business Integration Software and chief architect for Information Integration Solutions. Dan has over 30 years of experience in research and commercial distributed computing, covering a broad range of topics including transaction and object-oriented systems, software fault tolerance, messaging, information integration, business integration, metadata management and database systems. He has written numerous papers and is the co-author of “Enterprise Master Data Management: An SOA Approach to Managing Core Business Information”. Dan is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team and an IBM Master Inventor. In 2010, Dan was also recognized by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) as a ACM Distinguished Engineer.

On the Smarter Computing Blog: Information Integration

  • Data integration expert Dan Wolfson presents two related posts describing the function and value of data integration and quality monitoring.

Resources for Information Integration


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