AI Academy
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Welcome to IBM AI Academy, our new flagship AI for business educational experience. Led by top IBM thought leaders, the curriculum is designed to help business leaders gain the knowledge needed to prioritize the AI investments that can drive growth.

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Fast learning based on your interests

The AI Academy curriculum is fast-paced and designed to accommodate your busy schedule. Explore the topics and assets that span three core learning areas: strategic essentials, key elements for enterprise AI, and how to put AI to work.

Track 1: Strategic essentials
The rise of generative AI for business

Learn about the historical rise of generative AI and what it means for business.

Become a value creator with generative AI

Hear the different approaches to applying generative AI—and how an AI platform targeted for your use cases can jumpstart business value.

Track 2: Elements of enterprise AI
Why foundation models are a paradigm shift for AI

Learn about a new class of flexible, reusable AI models that can unlock new revenue, reduce costs and increase productivity. Then use our guidebook to dive deeper.

Trust, transparency and governance in AI

Explore issues like AI hallucination, bias and risk, and learn how applying AI ethics and governance builds trust. Then put theory into practice with our guidebook.

Track 3: Putting AI to work
Put AI to work for customer service

Go beyond virtual chatbots. Learn how generative AI can delight customers and increase productivity. Then download our guidebook to help you take action.

Put AI to work for application modernization

Business operations evolve over time, and the applications that power them have to keep up. See how generative AI can accelerate the process, and download the guidebook to help you get started.

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