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Image Management

Controlling IT costs by reducing labor involved
Seventy percent of corporate IT budgets are spent on operations and maintenance activities, according to IDC. Leading organizations are leveraging cloud technologies to reduce these costs. A key driver of operational costs is the number of images an IT organization maintains and the labor involved in maintaining images. Image Management technologies are focused on reducing this cost by standardization and automation.

Controlling IT costs by reducing labor involved.

The more efficiently and effectively virtual images are managed at every stage in their lifecycle, the bigger the payoff virtualization will generate.

Keith Smith, Chief Architect, WebSphere Virtual Enterprise

What is Image Management?

A fundamental building block in cloud computing environments is an image that is deployed on a virtual machine. The image itself is comprised of operating system software, dependencies, libraries, etc. Proliferation of images leads to increased costs and hence requires management.

Image Management includes all aspects of the lifecycle including creating, monitoring, backing up, securing and de-commissioning. This approach involves representing workloads as reusable patterns – either at the system level or the application level. Please read Keith Smith's blog post on Image Management to learn more about this topic.

Why is Image Management so important?

How can IBM help you manage your images?

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Meet the Image Management expert

Keith Smith

Chief Architect, WebSphere, Software Group

About Keith

Keith is Chief Architect for WebSphere Virtual Enterprise (WVE) and the WebSphere Application Server Resiliency lead architect. Keith also leads the integration of WVE technology into products such as Data Power, IBM Workload Deployer, Pure Systems, and various stack products and is heavily involved in cloud-based solutions. Keith has been with IBM for over 15 years and in the software industry for an additional 11 years. He has worked extensively in areas such as operating system development, compiler design, security, web servers, and more. Keith earned an MS in Computer Science from Clemson University and a BS in Mathematics from University of Georgia.

On the Smarter Computing Blog: Image Management

  • Image Management expert Keith Smith explains the benefits of Image Management technologies

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