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Data Security

Maximizing the business value of data means securing it comprehensively
Organizations are gathering data faster than ever before, according to IDC. But as businesses collect and use this data to grow and compete, the consequences to a breach in security can severely damage the reputation and performance of even the strongest organizations. Data Security is IBM’s approach to limiting the threat of internal and external breaches in security while reducing the complexity and cost associated with securing information.

Maximizing the business value of data means securing it comprehensively

Data is a two-sided coin: it creates business value, but it also represents a significant potential liability. Minimizing that liability in a cost-effective way is what Data Security is all about.

Ivan Milman, IBM Security and Governance Architect

What is Data Security?

Data Security is a comprehensive approach to cost-effectively protecting the traditional and digital information businesses and governments collect from clients, employees, research, finance, etc. At its most basic, IBM encourages businesses to follow five best practices to achieve Data Security: 1) understand where your data exists, 2) safeguard your sensitive data, 3) look for sensitive data that exists outside the production environment, 4) adapt your security strategy as circumstances change, and 5) achieve and be able to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

But there are some important considerations organizations must take into account before they can rest assured that they have done everything possible to limit the threat of a security breach. Please read Ivan Ivan Milman's blog post on Data Security to learn more about these key considerations.

Why is Data Security so important?

How can IBM help you secure your data?

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Meet the Data Security expert

Ivan Milman

Security and governance architect

About Ivan

Ivan Milman is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM working as a security and governance architect for IBM's Master Data Management (MDM) and InfoSphere product groups. Ivan co-authored the leading book on MDM: "Enterprise Master Data Management: SOA Approach to Managing Core Information."

On the Smarter Computing Blog: Data Security

  • Data Security Expert Ivan Milman talks through best practices for securing your data

Resources for Data Security


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