What is z/VM?

IBM® z/VM® is a highly secure and scalable hypervisor and virtualization technology for cloud infrastructure and for running critical applications. It supports Linux®, z/OS®, z/VSE® and z/TPF, and Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform (link resides outside of ibm.com) based on Red Hat CoreOS on IBM Z® and LinuxONE servers. IBM z/VM can host up to thousands of virtual servers on a single system.

What’s new for z/VM?

IBM z/VM 7.3 will extend the maximum size of a Single System Image (SSI) cluster to eight members, will allow NVMe SSD adapters to be accessed as EDEVICEs, and more.

IBM z/VM 7.2 extends the capabilities to receive the maximum value from large-scale virtual server hosting on IBM Z® and LinuxONE, in addition to many other new z/VM capabilities made available via the continuous delivery process.


Hybrid cloud capabilities

IBM z/VM, together with Linux, Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud® Paks on IBM Z and LinuxONE provides a highly scalable, secure and efficient on-premises cloud infrastructure for a hybrid multicloud architecture.

Built to build the future of business

IBM z16™ delivers breakthrough technologies for AI and cyber resiliency to accelerate decision velocity, protect against threats across your business, and modernize for hybrid cloud.

Key virtualization features of z/VM software

z/VM Single System Image

This clustering technology helps reduce planned outages and balance workloads across z/VM systems.

z/VM Performance Toolkit

This toolkit provides enhanced capabilities to monitor and report performance data.


IBM Directory Maintenance (DirMaint™) for z/VM helps manage the zVM user directory.

Additional software and solutions

Systems management software

Manage z/VM and Linux systems with a complete solution

Simplify infrastructure management of z/VM-based Linux virtual machines

Automate and monitor your z/VM systems and its guests

Backup and protection solutions

Protect and manage tape

Back up z/VM data safely

Storage for virtualization

How to deploy Linux servers on z/VM

System programmers and administrators
Discover how to configure and use z/VM functions and facilities for Linux on Z.


VM product education

IBM Skills Gateway

Live virtual classes