IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps for your industry

Factory Alert

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Factory Alert provides a flexible system of alerts. It enables users to specify and check production status, issues or delays that require their attention. Factory Alert also provides action recommendations. It enables immediate and direct communication between all responsible parties in the supply chain and on the factory floor.

Expert Factory

Expert Factory offers real-time insights into equipment state and alarms. The app can recommend next best actions, alert and visualize results. Previously unavailable to them, production teams can now access data to resolve issues interfering with optimal production and further optimize operations. These added capabilities empower production operators to increase the throughput, equipment efficiency and quality of a production line in manufacturing plants.

Parts & Tools

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Parts & Tools provides full visibility on inventory levels of spare parts, consumables and accessories – from the distribution center to local storage and trucks. The app can assign replacements, refurbishment and recycling of used parts as early as possible to optimize reverse logistics. It can track tools inventory and usage to ensure the correct tools are available. It can also identify which replacement parts are compatible with the requested part.

Fast Fix

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Fast Fix gives field service technicians guided diagnostics to fix issues using an intuitive dashboard view on iPad. Fast Fix allows technicians to solve and complete issues with home appliances quickly – while improving consumer satisfaction and increasing revenue. Fast Fix speeds up the issue resolution time of home appliances. It also provides cost estimates and payment options to consumers.

Expert Resolve

Using powerful analytics, IBM MobileFirst for iOS Expert Resolve generates insights about equipment performance and recommends solutions and next steps – based on best practices and equipment service history. The app’s analytics provides better issue diagnostics and step-by-step action plans to solve an issue. It gives technicians the ability to more accurately diagnose problems on site – reducing costs, minimizing repeat visits and increasing customer satisfaction.

Sales Proposal

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Sales Proposal allows sales representatives to create customized client proposals with validated configurations on the spot. Sales Proposal uses deep analytics to draw from complex data, like product dependencies and pricing rules. The app provides clients with optimized solutions instantly, while simplifying the proposal cycle dramatically. Sales Proposal puts the power of product configurators and complex product catalogs at the fingertips of the seller.