Protect privacy of the data in your trust

If your organization is collecting, analyzing or sharing personal data, you are facing data privacy challenges that put it at risk. With a heightened awareness of the impact of personal data collection and use, increased regulation or new security threats, many companies are examining ways to successfully manage personal information throughout its lifecycle. Privacy is a brand issue and you need to protect your brand. And if you're not prepared to comply with the growing number of global data privacy laws such as GDPR, you could be exposing your company to significant business risk.

IBM® Data Privacy Services can help you establish policies that govern the way your organization gathers and manages data, to reduce that risk and ensure you meet global privacy goals.

IBM Data Privacy Services

With the Total Privacy Management Framework, IBM helps you understand, analyze, govern and control privacy from the strategy level down to the data level.

The Privacy Office

Establish a critical, centralized function to help manage risk

Assessments and gap remediation

Determine readiness for GDPR and other regulations

Strategy and plans

Develop strategies and standards for the privacy office

Data maps and flow charts

See how personal data moves inside the enterprise and out

Vendor management

Manage risk and obligations with third parties

Audit support

IBM experts help you prepare for audits

Our solution helps


brand image, reputation and client trust


with complex local, national and global regulations and requirements


privacy policies, statements and operating procedures for better management


business lines, security, HR, legal, IT and management

Case studies

Multinational manages privacy compliance across borders

Moving protected data into and out of 45 different countries means complying with multiple levels of data privacy regulations.

IBM created a multidimensional data map to show the requirements of any proposed data transfer or use in those jurisdictions. IBM research and software teams also created the patented Data Privacy Engine for automated decisions.

Although challenged by constantly changing laws, the matrix helped the enterprise save on legal fees and address a complex concern.

Global bank significantly improve privacy controls

The bank needed to a single, authoritative source of data that identified jurisdictions with complex, stringent privacy regulations that require special attention.

IBM helped develop global strategies and program management, including a repository of privacy laws, mapped the bank’s protection standards to the obligations, and a developed a data privacy architecture to address governance, reporting and data ownership.

As a result, the bank was able to operate in a more systematic way across the enterprise, keep track of requirements and reduce risk.

Understand the issues

IBM Data Privacy Services

Learn more about protected data in your enterprise, and how to reduce privacy risks.

Navigating global regulations

Concerned about global data protection and cyber security legislation?

Clear the path to the GDPR

Accelerate your efforts to meet the May 2018 deadline and navigate this significant data privacy challenge.

Understand the options

Forrester Wave

Researchers' new report, “Information Security Consulting Services 2016,” positions IBM as a leader

Key considerations in developing a data privacy program

Learn the key drivers for developing a privacy compliance program