CIOs prepare for disruption: join us at the Watson Summit in London

By Andy Stanford-Clark,

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Change is inevitable in organisations of all shapes and sizes, but you don’t have to sit back and let it happen. With the right mix of knowledge and attitude, you can take control of your destiny. As the job of the CIO is radically reimagined, the pressure is on to not only manage but embrace disruption – to rethink old assumptions and drive innovation from within.

Eighty new companies launch every hour in the UK. However, more established organisations needn’t fear disruption: the right architecture, the newest technologies, the smartest tools and appropriate guidance can help you to survive, challenge and even thrive on disruption from new entrants.

Be a part of this year’s Watson Summit - Festival of Disruption, which will be held on 10 October in London, and interact with other disruptive thinkers who want to challenge the conventional, debate the inevitable and play with potential. Find out more details and register here.

The event has been designed around four themes to help CIOs and senior business leaders explore the different dimensions of disruption: 

Engage and captivate your audience in new ways

Customer loyalty is not a given. Organisations must engage with their audiences in compelling ways – be they consumers, citizens or patients – to deliver the experience they demand, at a time and in a format that suits them.

Empower your workforce to unleash its potential

Never underestimate the power of an engaged workforce. Organisations must bring professionals’ understanding of their job role to the highest possible level so they can harness the ever-expanding influx of data and knowledge.

Disrupt your industry and stake your claim in new marketplaces

Forward-thinking organisations don't fear disruption – they embrace it. By staying on top of major transformational technologies and policies, CIOs will gain the confidence to create, manage and avoid disruption in their industry.

Protect and secure your organisation, your reputation and your stakeholders

Don’t let security be an afterthought. Learn how to protect yourself and all your stakeholders in an environment that’s continuously changing.

A day with a difference

The festival-style format encourages you to choose the most relevant sessions for you. It is designed to get you involved and interacting with a fascinating line-up of speakers and exploring a program packed with gritty, up-to-the-minute topics.

Alongside keynote talks will be a series of debates, led by a panel encouraging audience participation. Immersive presentations will be held in a silent theatre, and there will be a playground area in which you can sample game-changing technologies, meet experts and interact with your peers. 

Join us and other like-minded CIOs from all industries to explore how data – and a bit of radical thinking – can transform your role, your purpose and your market. You are sure to end the day energised with ideas of how to exploit your disruptive potential.

Watson Summit takes place on 10 October 2017 at The Brewery, London