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Revolutionize your business: Learn how leading companies use AI to drive innovation and growth

Leading-edge companies are outperforming their competition in profitability, innovation and revenue growth using generative AI assistants to transform how work gets done. In this session, learn how companies are deploying AI assistants to empower their teams with the expertise needed to deliver at higher performance levels by turning piles of data into personalized insights and timely, automated actions using natural language understanding and machine learning techniques to automate business processes. Questions can be answered faster and developers can be more productive. Hear from IBM® clients and partners about how they have built AI assistants to transform their operations, created new ways of working and used generative AI to create new competitive advantage at scale for their businesses.


o   Kareem Yusuf Ph.D, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Growth, IBM Software, IBM

o   Kelly Chambliss, Senior Vice President, IBM Consulting, Americas, IBM

o   Gary Kotovets, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Dun & Bradstreet

o   Kumar Gudavalli, Tech Strategy Leader and Chief Architect, Elevance Health

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Featured offering Simplify and optimize your app management and technology operations with generative AI-driven insights IBM Concert® puts you in control, simplifying and optimizing operations to focus on continuously delivering enhanced client experiences and improving developer and SRE productivity. Learn more
Explore keynote resources CEOs guide to generative AI: Customer and employee

Discover how generative AI is transforming the future of business in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Business leaders are driving innovation and efficiency, creating personalized and seamless interactions that not only boost customer satisfaction but also empower employees. Learn how forward-thinking CEOs are using generative AI to enhance both employee and customer experiences and explore how to harness the power of advanced AI technologies.

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IDC Spotlight: AI Coding Assistants for Application Modernization and IT Automation

Discover how AI coding assistants and IT automation can transform your business in this insightful report by IDC and IBM®. Learn how generative AI enhances productivity, fosters innovation and streamlines application modernization, enabling organizations to gain a competitive advantage. Uncover strategies to reduce service problem durations, improve collaboration and address developer scarcity.  

Explore the benefits of generative AI and IT automation
Continue watching Think 2024 on demand keynotes The era of AI-powered automation

Learn how IBM’s next-generation generative AI-driven insights and AI-powered automation capabilities can help you address this challenge by simplifying and optimizing all your business technology for maximum impact.

Scaling your business with AI and hybrid cloud

The time for widespread business adoption of generative AI has come. Understand from leaders why the right combination of breakthrough technologies and expertise is the key to creating unique business value from AI today.

The future of AI is open

Explore the “Age of value creation with AI” with Dr. Darío Gil, IBM SVP and Director of Research. Delve into the challenges that come with incorporating generative AI in workflows. Find out about the latest technologies from IBM designed to help you scale enterprise AI and unpack what a winning AI business strategy looks like.

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How IBM can help Understand where you are in your digital labor journey

Experience the next evolution in workflow with IBM watsonx Orchestrate™. By seamlessly integrating generative AI and automation technology into your processes, you enable your organization to work smarter, not harder. IBM watsonx Orchestrate helps streamline your team’s efforts, increasing efficiency and building better business results.

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Experience IBM watsonx Orchestrate

Embark on a transformative journey with IBM watsonx Orchestrate and experience how generative AI and automation can save you more time and lighten your workload. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled efficiency, this tool revolutionizes how work gets done in less time with better outcomes.  

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Try watsonx Code Assistant™ for free

Accelerate development within your organization while maintaining the principles of trust, security and compliance. Speed up your IT team's application modernization efforts and rapidly scale your IT environments with generative AI and automation. Powered by IBM’s state-of-the-art language models designed for code, watsonx Code Assistant enables IT teams to build quality code with reduced errors and increased productivity.

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