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Important notices to read before installing Linux on IBM Power Systems


The following links contain urgent and timely information that could help you avoid problems during the installation of Linux on IBM systems.

Read these importance notices before you begin your install.

This site is reserved for this type of urgent information. So, please bookmark this page for future reference.

Read before installing Linux on IBM systems
Date Abstract
08/12/2021 Possible instability in the operating system after Live Partition Mobility operation
02/22/2021 Undetected data corruption on VSX load operations on CI memory
01/18/2021 On POWER9 systems with firmware FW950, removing a PCI adapter from a system that is running might fail
12/17/2020 Possibility of failure of the kdump operation when an Emulex FC adapter is installed
11/10/2020 The logical partition takes a long time to boot from a PCIe version 4.0 NVMe adapter
11/10/2020 Unable to capture the vmcore file on an IBM Power System AC922 with 4 or 6 GPUs and is running a GPU workload
31/05/2020 The LPM operation with a heavy workload on a large LPAR might result cause the LPAR to hang
06/03/2020 Physical port of the SR-IOV device is configured for devices to use jumbo frames
08/12/2020 Loss of device or connection during partition migration or device failover
07/21/2020 Red Hat and SUSE subscription activation codes
07/16/2020 ibmvnic driver fails to boot during fadump or kdump due to insufficient kernel dump memory
06/10/2020 LACP mode of bonding device might disable VNIC ports after LPM
06/03/2020 Physical port of the SR-IOV device is configured for devices to use jumbo frames
05/27/2020 Supported bonding modes for ibmveth and ibmvnic
05/27/2020 Taking down the bonded vNIC interface might cause the backup device to fail
05/20/2020 EEH errors on IBM POWER9 systems that are enabled with Virtual Persistent Memory
05/18/2020 Systems with large memory or CPU configurations might not start completely
05/15/2020 Kernel hangs or crashes during partition migration
05/12/2020 Possible partition crash during a spurious device operation
05/07/2020 Adding more processors to a running Linux LPAR might cause the partition to fail
05/07/2020 Adding memory to a running Linux logical partition might crash the partition
04/27/2020 EEH errors on IBM POWER9 systems that are enabled with Virtual Persistent Memory
04/24/2020 Live migration of Linux LPARs on POWER9 systems might result in LPAR crashes
07/31/2019 Possibility of kdump failure when an Emulex FC adapter is installed
04/12/2019 Possibility of data corruption on Power 9 systems with 10Gb and 40Gb Ethernet adapters
01/04/2019 Live migration of Linux LPARs on Power 9 systems may result in LPAR crashes
11/20/2018 Kdump to a network target using a VNIC adapter can fail to transmit the core dump
09/28/2018 Possibility of system crash when DLPAR removing memory after partition migration or Dynamic Platform Optimization
09/28/2018 When booting LPARs with large amounts of CPU and memory assigned, the system may time-out and stop in "emergency mode"
08/16/2018 PCIe3 2-PORT 25/10 Gb NIC & RoCE SFP28 Adapter (EC2T / EC2U) issue on Power 9 systems
08/16/2018 Mellanox mlx5 driver fails to load on Power 9 systems with more than 240 SMT threads
07/11/2017 Disk Hot Swap in IBM Power 5107-084 Disk Drawer
09/12/2016 Linux support on 8001-12C and 8001-22C
09/12/2016 SMT disable may cause hang with NVMe Flash Adapters and devices
05/25/2016 The Linux device driver for the PCIe3 1.6TB/3.2TB NVMe Flash Adapters for IBM POWER8 Servers does not currently support handling Enhanced Error Handling (EEH) errors. If an EEH error occurs, the LPAR may experience a kernel panic ("Oops: Kernel access of bad area").
05/25/2016 Under heavy I/O load, in certain system configurations, "iommu_alloc failed" messages may be seen in the dmesg log
05/04/2016 For POWER8 servers with Firmware level FW830.10 (SV830_068), depending on the user's setup, user might experience boot failure after an upgrade from RHEL7.1 to RHEL 7.2.
06/03/2015 When Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) and Virtual Trusted Platform Module (VTPM) are both enabled, the system hangs during bootup on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.
06/03/2015 When processing a Dynamic Platform Optimization (DPO) event or Virtual Private Home Node (VPHN) update, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 installations on PowerVM LPARs can experience a kernel panic ("Oops: Kernel access of bad area").
06/03/2015 Customers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 (little endian), or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 on an IBM POWER8 server should be aware that PowerVM LPAR support was not initially available on these Linux offerings when shipped.

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