Enable smarter supply chain planning

In the wake of the pandemic, 93% of organizations have faced challenges associated with erratic demand. As static planning based on historical demand becomes increasingly irrelevant, supply chain leaders must find ways to continuously plan in real time by using new sources of data to sense changes in demand as they occur. With industry-specific AI models and proprietary data sources available only from IBM, we can help you to automate the right parts of your workflows to drive a shift from reactive to proactive planning. By following this approach, some IBM clients have increased forecast accuracy by 30 percent and decreased lost sales by 60%.¹


Become demand sensing

AI senses new demand signals, so you can assess and act on market shifts while balancing lean operations and lowering risk over the long term.

Automate manual processes

Intelligent workflows can replace manual data collection with automation, which helps you save time and free up resources.


Enable continuous collaboration

Shared platforms support continuous collaboration, so you can join forces with ecosystem partners to rapidly resolve issues — even before they occur.

Supply chain planning solutions

Continuous intelligent planning

Simplify supply chain planning to improve forecast accuracy, minimize lost sales and reduce overhead.

Supply chain consulting services

Evolve your supply chain with intelligent workflows to create agile, smarter ways to reduce the impact of disruptions.


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  1. Based on IBM client data. Actual results may vary.