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Collect data to analyze and simulate your carbon and environmental footprint
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Model environmental impact with Iena Green Track

Iena Green Track*, powered by IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson, tracks environmental impact from economic activity. It collects data from a variety of sources to model raw materials within a product. Data collection and dynamic dashboards identify a product’s main pollution and environmental impact hotspots. Receive recommendations, and access to modeling tools, to reduce a product’s environmental impact.

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Key features of Iena Green Track
Raw material impact View a visualization of the environmental impact of raw materials by classification: recycled, certified and traceable.

Product recommendations Simulate the use of raw materials, from multiple suppliers, to create an optimized product.
Benefits Request a demo now Data collection

Collect and manage any type of data through forms, workflows and automated interfaces.

Raw material modeling 

Use modeling and change the composition of products to reduce their environmental impact.

Simulate impacts       

Simulate carbon and environmental impacts to compare cost and environmental benefits.

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