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Anheuser-Busch, Labatt Canada

Nick Bonivento, EDI Manager at Anheuser-Busch, Labatt Canada explains how IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network with AI gives their business users end-to-end visibility into transaction lifecycles.


Rick Bingle, SVP Supply Chain at REI tackles real-time inventory visibility with IBM Sterling Order Management to provide a superior customer experience and immediate cost savings.


Visualize, monitor and gain real-time insights


Bobby Bernard, Global Procurement and Supply Chain Executive at Lenovo explains how their AI-powered approach to risk management reduces their response time to supply chain disruptions from days to minutes.

Master Lock

Connie Rekau, EDI Manager at Master Lock, confidently reports on the availability of IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network every month to her executive team — it's never less than 100%.



Mylene Ortiz, an IT Executive from Petco, explains how IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network keeps its supply chain running smoothly with real-time AI insights and end-to-end visibility into transactions and disruptions.



Erik Andersen, Senior Vice President of IT at MISUMI USA, shares how IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network and IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services solutions automate its customer integration and purchasing processes. 

Fulfill every customer order perfectly and profitably

Eileen Fisher

Keir McIntyre, Director of Direct to Consumer Technology at Eileen Fisher, describes how IBM Sterling Order Management supports their omnichannel transformation, automates fulfillment and helps them to deliver an outstanding customer experience with every order.



Kim Glasscock, IT Solution Manager at Fossil Group selects IBM Sterling Order Management with AI for centralized omnichannel inventory management and order fulfillment, so they can connect customers with the products they want and nurture them into loyal brand ambassadors.


Parker Hannifin

Bob McAdoo, Vice President, Worldwide Business Systems at Parker Hannifin, builds a single source of truth to give better visibility into inventory and orders across their global supply network — all with AI-powered insights from IBM Sterling Order Management.



Rick Bingle, SVP Supply Chain at REI embraces an omnichannel strategy and opens up new opportunities to drive revenue and create customer loyalty by tackling real-time inventory visibility with IBM Sterling Order Management.


Simplify B2B connectivity and collaboration

Greenworks Tools

Eric Doty, IT Manager at Greenworks Tools, tells how IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network helped them eliminate manual processes — a total cost savings of 40% for the organization.



Walt Bishop, EDI Analyst at Radial, shares why he decided IBM Sterling B2B Integrator was the most reliable solution to help process billions of ship orders.


Li & Fung

Manny Fernandez, Group Chief Technology Officer at Fung Group, chooses IBM Sterling B2B Integrator as the single tool for all their integrations in order to automate, standardize and save costs.



Ove Kolstad, Technical Lead Manager for Managed File Transfer at Nets, relies on IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration solutions to keep millions of files flowing smoothly every month at the scale and availability needed to support international growth.


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