OpenShift service credits

Run one (1) production instance free for a year, with up to USD 10,000 in credits.

What is Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud?

Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud® is a fully managed OpenShift service that leverages the enterprise scale and security of IBM Cloud, so you can focus on growing applications, not scaling the master. It’s directly integrated into the same Kubernetes service that maintains 25 billion on-demand forecasts daily at The Weather Company®.

As the first cloud provider to integrate OpenShift 4 into an as-a-service offering, IBM added unique security and productivity capabilities designed to eliminate substantial time spent on updating, scaling and provisioning. Additionally, IBM is delivering the resiliency to handle unexpected surges and protect against attacks that lead to financial and productivity losses. The result: you can free your development teams to focus more on driving new, competitive capabilities.

The fully managed OpenShift service provides:


  • Automated provisioning and configuration of infrastructure, including compute, network and storage
  • Automated installation and configuration of OpenShift, including high availability within a region
  • Automatic upgrades of all components (operating system, OpenShift components, and in-cluster services)


  • Security patch management for operating system and OpenShift
  • Built-in security features, including image signing, image deployment enforcement and hardware trust


  • Automatic multizone deployment in multizone regions, including integration with IBM Cloud Internet Service to manage cross-zone traffic routing

OpenShift tutorials for developers

To understand how the OpenShift service can work for your organization, check out these OpenShift tutorials and code patterns that include architecture diagrams, step-by-step instructions and more.

Diagram of OpenShift cloud-native architecture

Case Study: IBM + United States Tennis Association (USTA)

IBM changes the game for professional tennis players with Coach Advisor

Coach Advisor introduces first-of-a kind metrics that quantify a player's physical exertion and endurance; make correlations to match performance; and have the potential to revolutionize how USTA coaches train, condition and develop American professional and junior tennis players. Coach Advisor runs on an OpenShift service provided by IBM public cloud.

Learn more about Coach Advisor

Man using Coach Advisor on tablet.


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