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IBM named an AIOps solution leader and “shortlist” vendor in cloud-native app performance monitoring

AI-powered IT automation

Put your applications on autopilot

Break down silos and take the guesswork out of how to dynamically allocate resources and assure application performance with our artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) solution.

Automate processes across core functions like application performance monitoring (APM), event management (outages and anomaly detection), application resource management and observability.

While each product functions independently in real time, they also work together to provide faster IT decision-making, more efficient resource consumption and utilization, and root cause analysis and incident response through predictive AIOps.


Faster decision-making

Experience a higher level of full-stack enterprise observability where actions are clear with IBM Observability by Instana APM.

Smarter resource allocation

Set new expectations for allocations using dynamic resource provisioning with Turbonomic Application Resource Management for IBM Cloud® Paks.

Enhanced predictive AIOps

Enable apps to stay up and running through root cause analysis, remediation and problem resolution with IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps.



Screenshot showing an application’s performance, including calls, latency and processing time


Make sense of chaotic IT environments with fully automated application observability, delivering actionable insights needed to ensure optimum application performance and maintain a good customer experience.

App resource management

Screenshot showing resource management, including pending actions, for multiple applications

App resource management

Automatically deliver the resources your applications need to perform on premises, multicloud, hybrid cloud or any cloud while adhering to your business policies.

Predictive AIOps

Screenshot showing predictive detection of incidents with AIOps

Predictive AIOps

Deploy advanced, explainable AI throughout your entire IT operations toolchain to assess, diagnose and resolve incidents across your IT infrastructure.

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AIOps client stories


Automated monitoring for containers and microservices helped employers using the PathMotion platform successfully increase numbers of qualified applicants by 200%.


Automated observability on Vivy’s IT  infrastructure reduced the mean time to repair (MTTR) for the company’s app by 66%, from three days to one day or less.

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The ability to monitor multiple IT systems in one view from a single event monitoring and management system expanded productivity at Blekinge Regional Council. 

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