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Adapt to change, build business continuity

A smarter business ensures the reliability of critical assets and the adaptability of operations to enable business continuity. When powered by AI, IoT and reliable weather data, connected operations allow you to see how assets perform in real-time, manage them from any location, and ultimately reduce operating costs. Further, data from 5G and edge computing infused into business workflows can uncover insights that will lead to a more adaptable operations infrastructure.

IBM possesses the essential combination of software, services, and industry expertise to build intelligent workflows that respond to rapidly changing conditions. Wherever you are in your digital journey, we will partner with you to deliver the AI-powered insights and consultative services required for more resilient business operations.

Gain operational insights


COVID-19 has significantly disrupted business operations. IBM is here to support you.

Improve operational performance, protect critical infrastructure and increase adaptability


Ensure efficient, reliable, and sustainable equipment operations.
Maintain equipment, avoid downtime, reduce costs and improve reliability.


Improve space utilization, reduce costs, and ensure occupant health and safety through intelligent real estate and facilities management.


Streamline product development through engineering operations.
Gain oversight across the product lifecycle, collaborate across dispersed teams, and infuse AI into product development.


Implement secure, AI-powered, connected manufacturing across the value chain, while employing the power of edge to optimize operations through predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Build intelligent workflows

AI, IoT data and edge computing are critical components to building more adaptable business operations, helping organizations reduce costs and improve worker safety, according to this report from 451 Research.

Insights for your industry

Oil and gas

Ensure efficient and reliable equipment operations

Adaptability, differentiation, sustainability and worker safety can all benefit from AI, IoT data and edge computing. Learn the strategies that this asset- and people-intensive industry can use to adapt to changing circumstances, including maximizing operational efficiencies and controlling costs.


Supporting critical government agencies with intelligence, insights and expertise

Under any circumstances, agencies always need to find ways to do more with less, and do it better. In the midst of disruption, AI-based real estate and facilities management solutions can help agencies monitor occupancy and deliver services for enhanced occupant wellbeing.


Improve product quality and yield with adaptable manufacturing operations

Modern manufacturing relies heavily on data. Discover how AI and machine learning help you visualize the data that matters more, and provides operators with a way to more intelligently address asset maintenance and operations.


Energy and utilities

Create resilient business operations with AI and expertise

New technologies can significantly increase operational efficiency. Learn how companies can take preventative, predictive and prescriptive actions to help maintain equipment, optimize performance and avoid downtime.



Transform your product development

Engineering vehicles with an ever-growing list of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) is challenging. Learn how to gain oversight across the product lifecycle by connecting assets, engineering and supply chain operations.


Aerospace & Defense (A&D)

The complexity of A&D systems is growing exponentially as products become more intelligent adopting innovative technologies.

IBM engineering lifecycle management (ELM) enables digitizing the entire engineering process along with model-based system engineering, establishing digital threads and digital product twins. 

Business operations client success stories


Oncor’s operations director discusses the value of predictive maintenance to reduce the volume and impact of energy outages.

Honda Cars

Honda Cars India improves customer connection and services with IoT and cloud.

Future Group

Future Group embarks on a journey to reduce carbon footprint and its energy consumption in partnership with IBM.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (M&M)

M & M accelerates product innovation with streamlined, traceable systems and software engineering.