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New web technologies, languages and methodologies are fueling the development of dynamic mobile and collaboration apps. But as the number and sophistication of web apps evolve, so does the complexity of application security management.

Traditional testing can be costly. Using an advanced analysis, the cloud-based hosted application security management solution from IBM can help you analyze and identify security risks and protect your web apps.

Our services provide

Ongoing security assessments

even after applications are in production

Web portal access

with key dashboard indicators and tracking reports

Detailed reporting

and recommendations to maintain effective app security

Our solution helps


Cloud-based service quickly identifies online application risks for quicker time to value


Assessments and specialized security consulting help you manage regulatory requirements

Continuous process

Architecture design, technical leadership and road maps integrate security with development

Reduced risk and costs

Help reduce threat exposures, data loss, damage to brand reputation and license costs

Understand the issues

Selecting a managed security service provider

The eight most important criteria.

Understand the options

Building a Security Operations Center

Learn how to optimize your security intelligence to better safeguard your business from threats