What is security software-as-a-service?

Security SaaS helps you achieve all your desired security outcomes — stopping threats, proving compliance, growing your business — all with the agility and affordability of the cloud. With Security-as-a-service (SECaaS), the vendor takes on the heavy lifting and infrastructure. That means you are free to convert that old server room into functional workspace for your growing business, while knowing you are taking action to prevent cyberattacks.

Why go with security SaaS instead of traditional, on-premises security?

Faster time to value

SECaaS solutions typically have significantly reduced implementation time, which means your assets are protected sooner and you start realizing the value faster.

Lighten your infrastructure

Cloud-based solutions lighten the load of securing your business by reducing the infrastructure you need. Your cybersecurity vendor owns the servers and storage and takes on the costs of maintaining them.

Innovation, agility and speed

The threat landscape changes daily – which means you want the latest and greatest cybersecurity as soon as it’s available. With SECaaS, updates are pushed continuously, versus traditional IT solutions which are typically updated a few times a year.

From CapEx to OpEx

Security SaaS models typically have lower upfront costs, with ongoing costs more directly tied to usage and desired outcomes. You’re not paying for what you’re not using, which means more of your funds can be invested in growing your business.

Combat the skills shortage

With SECaaS, your cybersecurity vendor takes on the burden of maintenance and updates, so you can focus your staff on strategic IT.

It only took about a week before we had the system up and running… cloud deployment makes it easy for us to manage and scale up or down.

Wayne Broekhals, IT Manager, Arrow International (NZ) Ltd, on IBM’s cloud-based UEM solution MaaS360

See the cloud-based, security SaaS solutions that make us a leader in 12 market segments

IBM QRadar on Cloud

Adopt SIEM as a service and focus your resources on monitoring threats and insider attacks.

IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson

Empower security analysts to drive consistent, context-rich investigations to reduce dwell times and increase analyst efficiency.

IBM Maas360

 Take an AI approach to unified endpoint management. Enable and secure endpoints, end users and everything in between.

IBM Trusteer

Protect against identify fraud, establish digital identity trust, and offer user-friendly authentication with a multi-layered, adaptive, AI-infused solution.

IBM Cloud Identity

Accelerate and secure hybrid cloud transformation with born-in-the-cloud IDaaS to unleash business growth.

IBM Guardium Analyzer

Use compliance analysis-as-a-service for data classification and data discovery.  Efficiently find regulated data on-premises or in the cloud, understand data exposures, and act to minimize risk. 

Resilient Security Orchestration and Automation Response

Empower organizations with a Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR) Platform to thrive in the face of cyberattacks and business crises.