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Enhance your organization’s cyber crisis management

Better defend against cyber threats related to the Russia-Ukraine war and other global threats.

IBM Security X-Force is currently holding in heightened vigilance status and is closely monitoring the escalating Russia-Ukraine war, including the evolving attacks and malware observed in the cyber domain. As this cybersecurity threat develops, the below IBM Security resources will be continuously updated with our latest threat intelligence, including best practices to help prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity threats aligned to zero trust frameworks.


  • Remain in highest alert posture given the rapidly evolving situation.
  • Maintain a robust and well-tested backup and recovery plan that includes immutable backups.
  • Drill your incident response plan.
  • Engage in threat hunting to find latent actors.
  • Thoroughly review third party vendor access.
  • Implement NetFlow monitoring at all egress points.
  • Review CISA (link resides outside IBM) and NCSC (link resides outside IBM) guidance.

Security solutions

Help support your organization with cyber crisis management

Incident response (IR) services

X-Force provides proactive planning, first responder cyber range training, and early detection of and emergency response to incidents, including ransomware readiness assessments.

X-Force Red offensive security services

Find and fix exploitable vulnerabilities through application penetration testing and prioritize the highest-risk vulnerabilities for remediation.

Threat intelligence services

Get access to the latest findings from IBM curated, human and machine-readable threat intelligence extracted from near real-time IBM security operations, investigations and research.

Cyber-resilient data storage

Achieve a backup and recovery plan that uses immutable backups while simplifying data and infrastructure management.

Zero trust security strategy

Provide advanced protection from cyber threats across the supply chain with a zero trust strategy.

XDR threat detection and response

Implement threat detection and response solutions that help eliminate advanced threats faster.

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