2020 announcement

IBM Security now offers end-to-end threat management for operational technology (OT), Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Internet-of-Medical-Things (IoMT).

OT security becomes a top priority

Industrial organizations are moving rapidly to take advantage of IT technologies in their operational technology (OT) environments to become more competitive. In this digital transformation, interconnected systems and data analytics, SCADA, industrial control systems (ICS) Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and smart sensors are added into the manufacturing process. Along with the benefits of increased efficiency and shared data come mounting OT security risks to the infrastructure.

IBM Security offers a portfolio of OT security solutions that help industrial, asset-intensive environments monitor and secure networks, protect endpoints and deliver cybersecurity services.

Major OT and ICS concerns

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High-risk environment

Little risk mitigation and remediation with limited patching, hard-to-test production environments, and low visibility of assets, analytics and operational data create a higher risk.

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Disruption to operations

Cyberattacks on ICS and SCADA systems can impact the safety, availability, reliability and predictability of workers, operations and the value chain — and be catastrophic.

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Limited security skills

Typically, OT teams don’t know security, and IT teams don’t know operational processes. This critical skills gap contributes to security vulnerability.

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Data protection compliance

Government regulations continue to grow as cyberattacks increase in frequency and severity, leading to significant operational changes.

Challenges to OT security

74 percent

of organizations don’t have a current OT risk assessment*

78 percent

of companies don’t have OT-specific security policies*

81 percent

of businesses don’t have an OT-specific security incident response plan*

IBM can help you accelerate your journey to OT security maturity

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Assess your risk

An effective security program starts by assessing the risk. Next, get visibility into your current OT environment and see the vulnerable assets. IBM can help you understand risks, gaps and vulnerabilities, using a phased approach. That includes engaging in strategy and planning; OT security risk, compliance and vulnerability assessments; and developing governance policies and requirements.

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Protect your operations

Once you assess your risk, you need to act and implement a solution. IBM and our extensive partner ecosystem can help you conduct data discovery, classification and analysis; network and endpoint security design and implementation; and designing, building and deploying your Identity and Access Management solution. IBM can help design and deploy an OT SOC protecting your operations.

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Manage your operations

You need to make sure the operations run seamlessly, and in the case of an attack, that you have an OT-specific response plan. IBM can help you manage alerts and reduce false positives with OT Managed Security Services; develop OT security incident response plan and playbooks; and help you leverage security analytics and focus on continuous improvement of your security operations.

Client success

A global mining, metals and petroleum company transformed security across IT and OT

The company was aware of security control weaknesses in its global operations and turned to IBM Security to address the issue. IBM created a consistent, measurable cybersecurity approach that spanned multiple countries and business operations. A strategy roadmap helped enable quick prioritization of wins and security investments. As a result, the client was able to understand its global risk exposures and was better positioned to remedy them.


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*Source: Bloor Research, Oct 2018 - State of industrial and OT security report 2018